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    HVAC Equipment, Installation, Service and Related Services

    Reopening Schools

    With recent COVID-19 relief, educational institutions may use the funds to upgrade and/or replace equipment that will improve indoor air quality

    For institutions wishing to take advantage of this opportunity, enacting a responsible plan to deploy these funds may be difficult to do with existing resources. TDIndustries’ Facilities group has assembled a Program Management team designed to assist educational institutions with assessing, designing, and implementing solutions to achieve the goal of improved indoor air quality. TD’s four step approach was recently successful in deploying grant funds for the City of Dallas, where $10 million in upgrades were completed at 103 facilities across the city’s portfolio.

    TD’s comprehensive four-part program includes:

    • Facilities assessment
    • Mechanical engineering recommendations for upgrades and/or replacements
    • Management and oversight of recommend work including use of Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) sub-contractors as needed
    • Quality control review to ensure work has been completed properly and in accordance with engineers’ recommendations

    TD’s Facilities team has access to several cooperative agreements to simplify procurement. Contact us for more information.