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    HVAC Equipment, Installation, Service and Related Services

    At TDIndustries, we have a diverse, people-centered culture built on a foundation of trust. We accomplish this through a Servant Leadership philosophy that puts others first.

    What Does Servant Leadership Mean?

    Servant Leadership simply means putting others first.

    At TD, Servant Leadership isn’t a fad or corporate lip service. Jack Lowe, Sr. began the process of incorporating Servant Leadership into our culture in 1972. After more than 40 years of practicing Servant Leadership, it is woven into every level of our organization and it drives the way we interact with our customers and each other. As Servant Leaders, we are active listeners, eliciting trust and sharing knowledge. Our mission and values as Servant Leaders guide all of our relationships – with customers‚ suppliers‚ communities and among ourselves.

    Mission Statement

    We are committed to providing outstanding career opportunities by exceeding our customers’ expectations through continuous aggressive improvement.

    Our Core Values

    Build and Maintain Trusting Relationships

    We act with fairness and honesty and always do what we say we will do. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and to the high ethical standard modeled by our founder, Jack Lowe, Sr.

    Fiercely Protect the Safety of All Partners

    We will never, under any circumstance, compromise on safety. It is our fundamental responsibility to create and maintain a safe place where all Partners can work without fear of injury. We hold one another accountable for identifying and reporting unsafe situations without retribution.

    Lead with a Servant's Heart

    We believe in the potential of our Partners and encourage them to achieve their personal best. We all are Partners, teachers, guides, and mentors. We challenge each other to be better and celebrate each success.

    Passionately Pursue Excellence

    We passionately pursue excellence in ourselves and our work. Driven by the desire to make an impact in all that we do, we continuously seek opportunities to improve. We succeed together and we own our results.

    Celebrate the Power of Individual Differences

    Our commitment to an inclusive environment allows us to harness the strength of diversity. We value each individual's contribution to the whole. We are partners. We are family.