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    Teknion, LLC

    Furniture and Installation

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    Panel Systems

    panel systems

    • Collection of desks, cabinets, windows and walls that reinterprets systems furniture
    • Easy to customize the office, allowing you to specify the desired level of features for each workspace in order to meet diverse needs
    • Support multiple applications while easing installation and inventory management
    • The ability to maintain a fresh, modern look is supported with a wide variety of surface finishes and styles that are easily interchangeable

    Desking Systems 

    desking systems

    • Change the way we create the spaces we work in
    • Height adjustability options
    • Offers significant advantages for a workplace that must mirror regional norms and allow for personal expression
    • Contemporary desking system that works for virtually any person, any task, anywhere in the world
    • Speaks to varied needs across the office landscape and the cultural map

    Casegoods/Private Office

    casegoods/private office

    • Private offices have a range of unique finishes that span the spectrum from cool, quiet neutrals to rich, warm tones are available
    • Supports both individual and group needs in a private office setting
    • Layered surfaces and upper storage combine in multiple ways to meet user needs and spatial constraints
    • Teknion Reception takes an innovative design approach − from classic to communal − in addressing evolving reception desk requirements.



    • Variety of work chairs, multi-use chairs, stacking chairs, lounge and soft seating
    • Mix and match back styles, fabrics and finishes to create a bold, contemporary look or one of classic understatement
    • Advanced adjustment mechanisms, increased strength and durability deliver uncompromised comfort and performance for diverse body types

    Architectural Interiors

    architectural interiors

    • Teknion walls respond to the essential needs of today’s workplace
    • Wall and door programs are built on the concept of a universal platform, which renvisions how a system can be specified, planned and installed within the evolving world of interior architecture
    • They are optimized to integrate with conventional building construction to satisfy budget or performance requirements



    • Developed a unique set of settings and applications that are derived from very common ergonomic functions
    • Includes modular seating, worktables, casual tables, screens, soft seating, multi-use seating, enclosures, and lighting and accessories.
    • Layered a critical understanding of workstyle with a craft expression while also keeping the collection visually consistent



    Contact Information

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    Phone: 877.Teknion