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    Integrating Technology for Learner Success
    Assessments are one of the many tools that can help educators understand student’s needs and the best options for support. Available through OMNIA Partners, The Chariot Group’s Online Marketplace offers Logitech education products that can improve assessment quality and effectiveness.


    "One study found that students need the sound they are focusing to be 300% louder than other sounds or they may lose part of the learning.”

    Common State Testing Requirements

    The 3 Types of Assessments


    Diagnostic Assessments

    • Digital assessments help districts understand students' knowledge levels and fill gaps
    • Allow the use of external mice and keyboards, and highly recommend the use of headphones

    Summative Assessments

    • Cumulative assessments provide evidence that a student has met the learning objective
    • State assessments evaluate students by grade
    • Digital test requirements include:
      • iPad devices require external keyboards
      • Chromebooks and PCs require external keyboards and mice
      • Headphones/headsets are required for audio portions of tests

    Formative Assessments

    • Consistent assessments provide an efficient way to gather student feedback throughout lessons
    • Digital solutions allow students to show their own process using real world tools
      • Embed feedback checks in digital presentations
      • Screencasting enables students to record computer activities
      • Video and audio empower students to explain their thinking
      • Digital tablet writing tools allow students to draw their analysis

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