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    Working conditions are changing rapidly in across the United States. The Chariot Group offers special expertise to address the disruption, with the ability to enable solutions that support in-person, remote and hybrid work environments.

    Find and purchase the education products you need with speed and efficiency on The Chariot Group's Online Marketplace.

    • Directly addresses challenges experienced in today's work environments
    • Accessible and easy for nonprofit agencies to select from hand-picked vendors
    • Delivers products and services meeting the specific demands of administrators throughout the U.S.
    • Product offerings include collaboration solutions, content sharing devices, integrated video conferencing and room scheduling devices.

    This site allows nonprofit organizations to piggyback on the competitively solicited and publicly awarded contract with OMNIA Partners, saving time and money.

    Bring Your Own Meeting and Content Sharing Devices

    Simplify your video collaboration and webcasting with the ability to share content. Enable hybrid meeting spaces with flexible, high-performing wireless presentation solutions.



    Take advantage of multiple sources in any room with products that allow you to switch seamlessly from one source to another.

    All-in-One Video and Audio Bars

     Get connected with all-in-one systems that offer rich room-filling audio, smart camera tracking and advanced microphone design for any mid-size conference room to make video collaboration easy and effortless.

    Audio Recording and Voice Lift Systems

     Reinforce simultaneous online and in-person audio for presenters to be heard without voice strain with or without masks. Find the right microphones, amplifiers/receivers, speakers recording devices and audio accessories.

    Collaboration Solutions

    Professional cameras that make video collaboration and livestreaming classes easy and effortless to empower flexible teaching and learning.

    Room Scheduling Devices

    Make on-demand reservations visible from your touch panel, computer, or any smartphone or tablet. Meeting room digital signage and scheduling software provide easy integration for convenient scheduling. 


    Empower collaboration and drive productivity with solutions such as wireless keyboards, headsets and mice are designed to increase engagement in and out of the office.

    Membership is FREE! Become a member of The Chariot Group's Online Marketplace to gain access to robust consulting, design and implementation services. Contact The Chariot Group today for information on creating modified, flexible classrooms that empower all forms of teaching and learning. 

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