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    Invest in technology that empowers teaching and learning

    Schools have been adopting student devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones inside and outside of their classrooms. Interactive displays let students explore the teacher’s lesson at their own pace, while contributing from their devices.

    Interactive displays in today’s blended learning environment

    • Real-world tools help students learn about real-life situations
    • Teachers can share screens and whiteboards to student devices in and out of the classroom
    • Students engage by sending text and images to a shared space on the display
    • Students are empowered to share and develop their voice and ideas by tagging their individual contributions
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    Smart Board

    NeoCity Academy: Connecting Students with Real-Life Problems

    NeoCity Academy uses a hands-on, research-driven approach to learning in their classes. Technology empowers their students to collaborate and solve real-world issues. Discover how teachers are using classroom tech more efficiently:

    Learn More about NeoCity

    Successful NeoCity Technology

    SMART MX Interactive Displays at The Chariot Group’s Online Marketplace

    Easy to Deploy, Use and Support

    • Easily connect devices, lesson content, and learning experiences, both in the classroom and remotely
    • Save on training costs and time: Less change and effort for teachers and fewer teacher support calls - all adding up to a lower total cost of ownership

    No Computer Required

    • iQ's integrated Android-based experience gives teachers an easier way to engage students
    • Simple and accessible for all teachers, regardless of comfort level with technology
    • Automatic updates ensure your investment continues to meet the needs of your teachers and classrooms now and in the future
    MX Board Specifications

    Better Video Conferencing

    Engage remotely

    • Use screen sharing, digital ink, whiteboards, and lesson-delivery tools (like Spotlight) to focus students' attention
    • SMART displays work with UVC webcams, Zoom, Google Meet™, Microsoft Teams™, and more
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    Create and Deliver Rich, Interactive Lessons

    • Enhance lessons with ready-made whiteboard templates, graphic organizers, manipulatives, widgets, and interactive activities
    • Keep learning lively with features like infinite cloning, text editing and 3D objects, and subject-specific tools like creative pens, equation editor and math tools
    • Magic Pen, Spotlight, and other instructional tools help you focus students’ attention, especially while video conferencing, without interrupting the natural flow of teaching
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