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    Facility Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair Solutions

    Building Assessment Tool

    The Home Depot Pro Building Assessment Tool is a comprehensive process that examines your facility and helps you create a cleanliness improvement plan. First, a Home Depot Pro representative will conduct a detailed on-site evaluation of your facility using the Building Assessment Tool. Next, you will work with the representative to create a comprehensive report for benchmarking and go-forward recommendations. Building improvement plans will then be developed and implemented in two phases.

    Transition Plan Creation
    • Goals
    • Products & Procedures
    • eCommerce
    • Inventory Management
    • Staff Training
    • Implementation Timeline
    Planning Implementation
    • Product Ordering
    • Written Procedures
    • Staff Training
    • Audits
    • Reporting & Review
    • Continuous Improvement

    Cleaning Performance Index

    The Cleaning Performance Index (CPI) tool provides customers the opportunity to design an online custom cleaning performance audit. The intuitive CPI tool offers a choice of room types, as well as the ability to rename individual spaces and select from a list of callouts. The audit allows the inspector to record the level of performance and provides the opportunity to add notes and use point-and-click photo capture. The audits combine into graphic reports that track results in each building and building group. Use the CPI tool to create summary reports that you can export and analyze in MS Excel. Review and print your results based on the location and timeline you desire.

    Video Training Portal

    The Home Depot Pro Video Training Portal offers more than 100 online training modules from industry leading suppliers to ensure your staff is using the latest training techniques for improving efficiency. In addition, a testing component is available on select videos to give the administrator a record that proves training was provided and understood.

    Security Access Vulnerability Index (SAVI)

    School security has never been as critically important as it is now. Most educational facilities are not as secure as they think they are, but The Home Depot Pro is here to help. Our partnership with Alarm Lock offers you a comprehensive Security Access Vulnerability Index (SAVI) tool. It provides you with a better understanding of security areas you have covered and those areas that have gaps.


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