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Tradition_Article_DefinitiveGuide_Part2_Image_031717The Definitive Guide to Hiring an Energy Advisor, Part 2: Covering Energy Supply Needs from Soup to Nuts
It is a good idea to take a step back and view energy as a whole, as it relates to the financial effect on your organization. In this article we will review the need for full-service solutions in your energy advisor.


csm_Tradition_Article_The_Definitive_Guide_55d6f2c8fcThe Definitive Guide to Hiring an Energy Advisor, Part 1
As a large user of energy, you know that one of the key factors in making smart decisions is engaging the services of an energy procurement advisory firm. We have discussed this importance multiple times in our regular articles. These same articles have touched upon various aspects of the relationship between the energy advisor and the energy user. However, we have never fully explored the process used to actually engage and evaluate the advisor.


Tradition_Article_Overcoming_Misconceptions_Oct_2016Overcoming Misconceptions Regarding the Use of Cooperatives for Energy Procurement
Savvy energy procurement specialists often look for other options to augment their energy purchasing arrangements. One such option is the cooperative purchasing contract. But before launching a full-scale plan that revolves around a cooperative, you need to ask, “Can I use a cooperative purchasing contract to procure energy, such as electricity and natural gas?”



Tradition_Article_How_to_Map_Out_ImageHow to Map Out an Energy Risk Management Strategy That Makes the Most Sense for Your Organization
In this case, we're not talking about Rand McNally, but rather an aid in navigating the unpredictable energy market.


csm_Tradition_Article_What_Determines_Image_bfdc9453edWhat Determines the Price You Pay for Power? (Knowing the answer can reduce your costs)
For the free market to work its magic in establishing prices through the force of supply and demand, you have to have several key ingredients ­— one of which is an informed buyer. As a buyer of energy, this means that to have the best chance of success in achieving the best pricing, you must be informed.


csm_Tradition_EnergyArticle_March2016_d3399f46dfWith Energy Prices This Low, How Do Keep From Missing the Boat?
How do you take advantage of low prices, if you are not sure how to do it? In order to take advantage of market movement, there are two key issues you need to understand when managing energy procurement. One is market timing, and the other is agreement structure.


csm_TraditionEnergy_SolarLooksBrightArticle_Image_cd5d49f89aThe Future of Solar Looks Very Bright
For years, renewable energy options have existed under a stigma: It sure would be a nice thing to do, but the up-front setup cost is just too high. When looking at these “nice” solutions like solar power, companies often consider the notion of “grid parity,” too. Is the cost of renewable energy on par with the cost of regular conventional electricity?


short term and long term street signs10-Year Energy Agreements Are Growing In Popularity Among Large Energy Users. Are They Here To Stay? Because of the need to keep operational costs as low as possible, energy procurement presents a unique set of challenges to businesses that use a lot of energy.  


lightbulbs dawn on chalkboardTwo Innovative Ways to Reduce Energy Costs with Little Investment
When you think about ways to reduce your organization’s energy costs, two solutions typically come to mind - procure a lower rate for your electricity or natural gas supply or put together an energy efficiency program. 


csm_41983310_thumbnail-Price_with_Lightbulb-8-7-15_309c62a0e7Natural Gas, Energy Prices, and Procurement. What’s Really Driving the Price You Pay for Energy?
This constant cycle of up-and-down price changes makes energy commodities extremely difficult to purchase. What if prices drop after you’ve locked in your rate?  


Cost Versus Profit GraphWhy Constant Measurement of Energy Program Performance is Vital to Reducing Costs
When was the last time you evaluated your energy risk management strategy to see if it was meeting your organization’s original expectations?  If it was more than a year ago, you could be making a costly mistake. 


csm_iStock_000018372486_Small-Keyboard_Key_Choice_on_Key_8-10-15_f4b60df78fEnergy Aggregations: Lower Prices, Higher Cost?
Your organization’s electricity contract is set to expire, and you have to make a decision soon. Do you join a regional energy aggregation that already has a membership or look at other options?


Cartoon ClipboardNegotiating Energy Supply Agreements: A Tricky Balancing Act For Even The Most Seasoned Procurement Professional
Everything seems to come down to price.  After all the talk and all the negotiation, ultimately the decision comes down to one question: “What am I paying?"

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