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    Five Costly Energy Buying Mistakes - and How to Avoid Them
    When it comes to energy management and electricity procurement, there are a lot of misconceptions out there – and a lot of opportunities for energy buyers to make mistakes that can cost their organizations valuable time and money. 

    Overcoming Misconceptions Regarding the Use of Cooperatives for Energy Procurement
    Savvy energy procurement specialists often look for other options to augment their energy purchasing arrangements. One such option is the cooperative purchasing contract. But before launching a full-scale plan that revolves around a cooperative, you need to ask, “Can I use a cooperative purchasing contract to procure energy, such as electricity and natural gas?”

    How to Map Out an Energy Risk Management Strategy That Makes the Most Sense for Your Organization
    In this case, we're not talking about Rand McNally, but rather an aid in navigating the unpredictable energy market.

    Negotiating Energy Supply Agreements: A Tricky Balancing Act For Even The Most Seasoned Procurement Professional
    Everything seems to come down to price.  After all the talk and all the negotiation, ultimately the decision comes down to one question: “What am I paying?"

    COVID-19 and Energy: The Critical Need for Expert Advice
    When the history books are written, the storyline for the chapter on 2020 will be the Great Pandemic and the effects of COVID-19 on the economy, lives, and society in general. 

    City of Dallas saves $80 million on renewable energy purchase

    The City of Dallas remains the most populous municipality in the US to use 100% renewable energy, and reduces its electricity rate by 26%

    City of Dallas


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