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    Hillsborough County Public Schools

    With 237 schools and more than 182,000 students, Hillsborough County Public Schools, which encompasses Tampa, Florida, is the sixth-largest school district in the United States. With its energy contract managed by the State, Hillsborough did not have the market transparency or understanding of how its natural gas rates were being determined. They were unaware of products options that could provide budget certainty and cost reductions. As a result of the competitive procurement process involving all-natural gas suppliers, Hillsborough achieved a new rate that reduced its costs by 41% versus their previous contract and saved the District more than $540,000.  To read the full case study, click HERE.

    Athens Housing Authority

    Athens Housing Authority in Georgia was paying an average of $300,000 annually in natural gas costs to fuel over 1000 residences. Tradition Energy's advisor worked with the Athens Housing Authority to evaluate their historical procurement practices and identify new opportunities to improve supplier competition and procurement timing. To read the full case study, click HERE.

    City of Dallas saves $80 million on renewable energy purchasing using cooperative purchasing agreement through OMNIA Partners.

    The City of Dallas remains the most populous municipality in the US to use 100% renewable energy, and reduces its electricity rate by 26%.

    Public School District implements solar net metering to create long-term energy cost reductions and sustainability benefits for its local community.

    The District is forecasted to reduce its overall energy costs more than $50,000 per year, with cumulative savings over $1.3 million for the length of the agreement.

    Private school reduces energy costs, and “helps to make the world a better place” through renewable energy purchase.

    Private school is expected to reduce its energy costs by 15% while meeting their renewable energy goal to have a 100% green campus.

    Natural Gas Deregulation
    Natural Gas Deregulation


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