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    How do I start working with Tradition Energy?
    To utilize the contract between OMNIA Partners and Tradition Energy, you must have an OMNIA Partners specific account set up with Tradition Energy.

    3 easy ways to get started:

    1. By Phone: Contact our toll-free number at 877-832-7022.
    2. By E-mail: e-mail us at OMNIAPartners@TraditionEnergy.com  and we will have someone call you back within 24 hours to handle your request.
    3. Online: Log on the Tradition Energy website at http://www.traditionenergy.com/omniapartners using your OMNIA Partners account information. 

    What is energy deregulation?
    Legislatures and the public utility commissions (PUCs) of many states have created competition for electricity and natural gas supply. In the past, one utility provided all parts of energy service:  generation, transmission and distribution. With competition, generation is separated from transmission and distribution. This allows consumers to choose their energy supplier, while the delivery of the energy is still regulated and is the responsibility of the local utility company. Public agencies operating in deregulated energy markets can enjoy a number of benefits: multiple options for selecting an electricity and natural gas provider; flexibility in developing an energy strategy; freedom to choose from a variety of products, prices and terms; protection from rising costs; budget certainty; rebates and incentives; security—transmission and distribution are still regulated by the PUC and guaranteed. 

    Energy deregulation enables public agencies to shop for the best price of energy just as they do for their other products and services.  With these benefits comes the task of competitively procuring these energy commodities, which takes a thorough understanding of the markets and the suppliers. This is where Tradition Energy is here to help. 

    What is an energy supplier?
    A supplier is an independent company that provides electricity or natural gas to commercial and/or residential customers in a deregulated energy market. To operate in a service territory, suppliers must be accepted by that state's regulatory agency and must meet certain criteria, which varies across utilities and states.

    Tradition Energy’s process ensures public agencies select the best energy supplier to meet their needs, through a competitive reverse-auction process.

    Tradition Energy Contact
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    Do people have to choose a new electricity supplier?
    No. However, it's in their best interest to at least compare prices and services offered by competitive suppliers. Then customers can make an informed decision based on what best suits their energy needs.

    Will customers save money if they switch suppliers?
    Savings will depend on several things, including how much is currently paid for electricity or natural gas, how much electricity or natural gas is used, and the current agreement with the supplier. Tradition Energy provides a complete analysis, so that you can see exactly what savings are involved with each procurement option.

    If a customer does switch, will they have to worry about the reliability of their energy service?
    No. Regardless of who supplies the energy, the utility will continue to deliver it uninterrupted, ensuring that sufficient electricity and natural gas are available. The customer will continue to have access to customer service representatives, and utility crews will still respond to emergencies and power outages.

    Natural Gas Deregulation
    Natural Gas Deregulation


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