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Air quality. Your ally for addressing health risks in your school.

Did you know that schools that effectively manage comfort, ventilation and acoustics report higher test scores, increased average daily attendance, lower operational costs, and improved teacher satisfaction and retention? That’s why Trane offers a portfolio of products and programs that are ideal for K-12 schools.

As schools prepare for students and teachers the importance of masks, distancing, and disinfecting surfaces is critial. As schools look at ways to continue to address health risks, optimizing your school building’s HVAC systems to enhance indoor air quality can help. The CDC recently reported that “transmission of coronavirus occurs much more commonly through respiratory droplets than through objects and surfaces.” And the World Health Organization has revised its guidance on COVID-19 modes of transmission highlighting “aerosol transmission and importance of ventilation.” Improving indoor air quality is important to provide both short and long-term benefits to the learning environment. 

Where do you start? Understand your school’s conditions using a fact based, science driven IAQ Assessment. The assessment will provide a comprehensive report of current conditions, recommended changes to meet industry guidelines and documented proof of improvements implemented. 


Trane Integrated Funding Solutions

Due to budget constraints, many schools are struggling to keep up. To help schools in their efforts to improve indoor air quality, Trane is expanding the financing options to offer different payments into 20201 for qualified districts. This helps with total project costs, eliminating the out-of-pocket expenses upfront. 

Choose between the Trane tax exempt lease or managed service agreement to meet your specific needs. A Trane K-12 finance specialists can review the advantages and set up an ideal program for your school district.

Indoor air quality has always played an important role in effective learning environments. Today it’s a critical factor in reopening and remaining open for schools.


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