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    Stop Air Leaks for Energy Savings and Improved IAQ

    When it comes to indoor air quality, your entire building facade works in concert with your roofing system. Gaps and holes throughout your building envelope can cause leaks that result in uncontrolled air movement, which often causes indoor air quality problems and wasted energy.

    Tremco affiliate Canam Building Envelope Specialists provides expert on-site assessments and air-sealing services to improve building envelope performance quickly and economically. Available as a stand-alone service or in addition to a Tremco Roofing program, Canam services help facility owners lower energy use and improve occupant comfort.


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    Contact Information

    Dave Naber
    National Program Director
    Email: dnaber@tremcoinc.com 
    Phone: 281-358-4957
    Cell: 281-235-8977

    Jane Krivos
    Director of Cooperative Programs
    Email: jkrivos@tremcoinc.com 
    Phone: 216-766-5632
    Cell: 216-496-3096

    Tommy Dunnam
    Program Administrator
    Email: tdunnam@tremcoinc.com 
    Phone: 409-273-1321