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    National Cooperative Contractor Network


    Work with Your Preferred Local Contractors Through the National Cooperative Contractor Network

    The National Cooperative Contractor Network, administered by Tremco Roofing, was established to meet the needs of public entity procurement managers without sacrificing the quality and reliability of construction products and installation services.  Where applicable, schools, colleges, local governments and non-profits can award roofing and weatherproofing work to qualified and trusted local contractors who are members of the Contractor Network.

    “In-Network Contractors” are prequalified and follow the competitive pricing offered through the publicly awarded and competitively solicited contract available through OMNIA Partners.

    Among the products and services available through In-Network Contractors:

    • Roofing and building envelope materials
    • Best-in-class contractor services, including:
      • Maintenance and repairs
      • Diagnostics
      • Restoration
      • Replacement
      • New roof construction
      • Air barrier solutions

    If you’d like to award more work to a local contractor with a strong performance record, ask if they’re a member of the National Cooperative Contractor Network. If they’re not, encourage them to apply by sending an email to:  nccnadministrator@tremcoinc.com.

    To learn more, download our flyer on the National Cooperative Contractor Network.


    Contact Information

    Dave Naber
    National Program Director
    Email: dnaber@tremcoinc.com 
    Phone: 281-358-4957
    Cell: 281-235-8977

    Jane Krivos
    Director of Cooperative Programs
    Email: jkrivos@tremcoinc.com 
    Phone: 216-766-5632
    Cell: 216-496-3096

    Tommy Dunnam
    Program Administrator
    Email: tdunnam@tremcoinc.com 
    Phone: 409-273-1321