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    Tremco/Weatherproofing Technologies (WTI)

    Roofing Products and Services/Job Order Contracting

    Supplier Overview

    Long Live Your Roofs & Building Envelopes

    Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance, together with affiliated construction services company Weatherproofing Technologies (WTI), offers roofing and building envelope products and services for facility owners across the United States, Canada and portions of Europe. Our commitment to solving our customers’ biggest problems since 1928 is reflected in our comprehensive material and service capabilities. Among our solutions are world-class diagnostics, industry-leading restoration systems and unique roof management programs to maximize return on investment. Tremco and WTI are proud to offer superior roofing products and services to agencies and educational institutions nationwide through our cooperative contracts with OMNIA Partners.

    Tremco Roofing/WTI has more than 750 highly trained sales representatives and technical service professionals deployed regionally for local expertise. And because our goal is to help facility owners extend roofing and building envelope systems for the life of their buildings, our capabilities continue to evolve to meet our customers’ facility and financial needs.

    To learn more, download the Tremco Roofing/OMNIA Partners brochure.


    Contact Information

    Dave Naber
    National Program Director
    Email: dnaber@tremcoinc.com 
    Phone: 281-358-4957
    Cell: 281-235-8977

    Jane Krivos
    Director of Cooperative Programs
    Email: jkrivos@tremcoinc.com 
    Phone: 216-766-5632
    Cell: 216-496-3096

    Tommy Dunnam
    Program Administrator
    Email: tdunnam@tremcoinc.com 
    Phone: 409-273-1321