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    High Performance Roofing and Building Envelope and Exterior Surfacing Solutions

    We’ve worked with public agencies across the country for decades and understand your operational needs and budget challenges. And because your goals are our goals, we continually advance our own capabilities to offer a suite of solutions as customizable as they are turnkey.

    PRODUCT INNOVATION engineered for greater long-term performance, reduced environmental impact, ease of application and lower labor costs. Our focus on sustainability is evident in new restoration products that eliminate the need for roof tear-off, while decreasing annual building energy consumption and enabling the acquisition of LEED® certification points.

    DIAGNOSTICS, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR comprise our proactive approach to preserving your healthy roofs and bringing the others up to standard. It’s all about extending roof life via advanced diagnostics, early intervention, timely maintenance, and repair.

    ROOF MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS offer a range of customized, proactive roof maintenance and management plans designed to extend system performance and building lifecycles. In addition to regularly scheduled inspections, housekeeping and maintenance, our advanced options include expert inventory assessment and prioritized construction services.

    GENERAL CONTRACTING SERVICES consist of construction project management from the bid process through completion, including daily on-site supervision. It’s a single source solution with a proven record of excellence and centralized accountability.

    HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDING SOLUTIONS make facilities safe, healthy, comfortable, and efficient. A whole building retrofit examines a wide range of building elements to transform the energy efficiency, cost of operation, indoor air quality and environmental impact … all while delivering an attractive financial payback.

    BUILDING ENVELOPEAIR SEALING by Tremco CPG affiliate Canam Building Envelope Specialists uses precise testing methods to identify gaps, cracks and holes in the building envelope as the first step toward improving building performance. Eliminating air leaks can improve general comfort and safety, protect vital building components, and greatly reduce energy consumption.

    INDOOR AIR QUALITY is essential for building occupant health and safety. Through our Pure Air™ solutions we can help you improve indoor air quality through environmental consulting, building diagnostics, and laboratory services, as well as HVAC system hygienic cleaning, sanitizing and remediation.

    SUSTAINABILITY is an essential part of our history. Zero landfill and enhancing water conservation are among our top priorities today.

    BEST IN CLASS CONTRACTORS meet our standards for excellence in our product applications, safety performance and financial stability. Many of these companies have worked with us for decades and take advantage of Tremco's ongoing technical training program.

    THE NATIONAL COOPERATIVE CONTRACTOR NETWORK provides public agencies the ability to award roofing and building envelopeprojects to local contractors who qualify under the competitively solicited and publicly awarded contract.

    INSULATED EXTERIOR CLADDING SYSTEMS from Tremco CPG company Dryvit range from stucco, limestone and granite to metal, brick, and woodgrain finish options, for a beautiful and high performing air and weather barrier. The alternative brick material option, NewBrick®, is a lightweight, insulated masonry unit that matches the size, appearance, and texture of clay, but is a superior cladding solution that reduces costs and creates a more durable, higher-performing structure.

    PAVING AND PARKING GARAGE SOLUTIONS feature high performance products to repair, maintain, restore, or resurface exterior surfaces through turnkey general contracting for all your concrete and asphalt project needs. Services include concrete patching and repair, asphalt sealing and paving, complete parking garage restoration, tile and terrazzo rehabilitation/ restoration, and more.

    WINDOW SYSTEMS, REPAIR AND SEALANTS solutions are designed to achieve airtight transitions from windows to the wall, and to meet high performance energy standards throughout the building exterior. Our affiliate, Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing, provides best-in-class water and vapor barrier systems for all vertical and horizontal surfaces.

    CONCRETE AND MASONRY expertise and products provide a complete solution for every concrete project, featuring the leading concrete additive, repair and strengthening product technologies of Tremco CPG company Euclid Chemical.

    FLOORING OPTIONS through sister company Stonhard encompass a wide range of sustainable and easily maintained high-performance solutions. These chemical-, abrasion- and impact-resistant systems and anti-microbial solutions assure durability and longevity with creative freedom in design, color, patterns, and layout. Specialized configurations meet the needs of any environment from highly trafficked exterior parking garages, exterior balconies, exterior plaza decks and mechanical rooms to decorative meeting and office spaces. 


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