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    Every employee plays an important role in student achievement — so our innovative UKG for K-12 solutions are designed to create time and attendance efficiencies that let you spend less time on administrative processes and more time on academics and programs. Beyond the expected benefits from automation, UKG for K-12 helps school districts in four key areas: 

    • Simplify Extra Duty Time – Lets you track time based on specific assignments, creating a consistent way to track all employees across your school district for easy reporting and fast access to data in the event of an audit. Simply choose predesignated labor codes in UKG for proper assignment. 

    • Minimize Compliance Risk - Adhering to labor laws and collective bargaining agreements is complicated.  Eliminate manual time and attendance processes with UKG for K-12. All information is collected through an automated solution and stored in real time for easy access. 

    • Improve Visibility into Sub Time - With UKG for K-12, subs take assignments in the existing sub-management system but punch in and out with UKG to track their time in the classroom. They are then paid properly based on the interface between the two systems. 

    • Make Data-Driven Decisions - Having real-time, readable data at your fingertips unlocks valuable new visibility into employee trends and patterns. By capturing in/out punches and each employee’s leave, UKG for K-12 stores the data in an automated system that can be easily accessed from inside or outside the school.  

    UKG automatically handles shortfalls, which has been a huge timesaver for managers, and employees can see their real-time comp balances. UKG is definitely helping us keep in compliance with all rules and regulations.

    Roxxie Barreno, Information Systems Business Manager, Ector County ISD, TX 

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