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    With the UKG for Public Safety automated scheduling solution, your command-level staff will spend less time on administrative tasks and more time doing what they do best: protecting citizens, fighting crime, and training officers. UKG for Public Safety not only helps Police, Corrections, Fire and EMS departments control overtime costs, create 24/7 schedules, send rapid notifications, and deploy quickly but also yields these important benefits: 

    • Simplify complex scheduling - Create and maintain a virtually unlimited number of schedules that support multiple shifts and rotating positions as well as future-deployed and extra-duty assignments while ensuring adherence to union policies.  Employees can expedite tasks such as shift trades and time-off requests and even bid for preferred shifts, vacation time, and overtime. 

    • Enforce fairness and equity - With UKG for Public Safety, you can create schedules and allocate overtime and extra-duty assignment work in a manner that’s fair and equitable while adhering to all union mandates, HR policies, and agency rules. Every staffing decision is validated against the rules to enforce impartiality and contributing to morale. 

    • Minimize compliance and safety risk - Automatically staff the right officers based on skill set, certification, qualification, and availability to help ensure compliance and enhance safety.  Manage fatigue easier with schedules that take limitations on scheduled hours or job rotation into consideration. 


    The UKG Workforce TeleStaff solution effectively bridged the gap between our scheduling and payroll processes. It saves administrative employees a great deal of time through automation and has provided our employees with the ability to manage their own time, which has increased job satisfaction and decreased our liability.

    David Hermann, Technology Services Director, Salt Lake City Fire Department  

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