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    Workforce Management Solutions

    With labor being the costliest and most controllable expense, this is a primary focus area for many state and local governments. Many transactional aspects of managing the workforce are a great start for increased efficiency. UKG for Government solutions provide automation to highly repetitive processes including time & attendance, absence management, and scheduling. All departments can benefit, but Transportation, Health & Human Services, & Corrections are particularly receptive to improvements in: 

    • Minimized Compliance Risk – Labor laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Collective Bargaining Agreements are complicated and often left to managers to interpret which can lead to unintended violations. With UKG for Government, your pay rules are pre-configured and audit trails provide detail when burden of proof is put on the employer. 

    • Improved Visibility into Leave Liability – Managing absences and policies like the Family Medical Leave Act requires a careful eye and plenty of oversight. Employees without access to their accrual balances are at risk of taking more time than they have. Automation, beyond the functionality of an ERP solution, makes tracking absences manageable and cuts down on leave inflation. 

    • Accurate scheduling: right people, right place, right time – Generating schedules is a daunting task when performing this manually. Factoring in time off requests, certifications, and qualifications requires a skilled person to sit for hours preparing schedules. UKG for Government takes the guess work out of building schedules and frees managers from unnecessary administrative work. 

    Estimates of $5.2 million in savings over five years following our UKG implementation and an additional $1.1 million in yearly cost avoidance savings have been spot on.

    Susan Judah, CPP, SPHR, Senior IT Systems Analyst, Payroll Division, City & County of Denver.

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