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    Cloud Computing

    UNICOM Government provides private cloud solutions, such as the Microsoft Azure Stack, that give customers the options and flexibility of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), virtualization, software defined networking (SDN),  and software defined storage (SDS)- all of which use DevoOps methods and tools to automate deployment.  This level of agility and innovation for on-premise environments accelerates cloud adoption.

    Public cloud solutions and traditional on-premises IT infrastructure are not a fit for every customers.  Some customers require that data reside in close proximity to where it is being processed, some cannot be stored in a public cloud due to the sensitive nature of the data, and some must remain within a certain geographical boundary. In these cases, public cloud and on premise IT infrastructure solutions would not be a fit due to the potential of data loss and the most desired cloud computing benefits. 

    Microsoft Azure Stack was carefully designed to offer truly consistent cloud services when and where you need them—whether that is on land, at sea, or airborne. Microsoft Azure Stack can be configured to operate connected to the internet or completely disconnected providing maximum flexibility in the use of the platform. This also allows for unique and unforeseen use cases. It is the only cloud computing platform to offer this flexibility of use, while maintaining application and operational consistency with the public cloud.

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