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    UNICOM Government, Inc.

    Technology Services, Solutions and Related Products

    UNICOM Government Financial Services offers alternate acquisition options to the traditional outright purchase. UNICOM Government provides the flexibility to eliminate the responsibility of ownership and helps Government customers restructure IT expenses. The pay-for-use and leasing options enable customers to align predictable payments with business objectives.

    As a result, customers retain a single source for IT assets, services, and financing. Further, UNICOM Government enables Government customers to reduce total cost of ownership and resource outlays, accelerate project completion, obtain the best-of-breed technology, and build refresh cycles so technology remains current.

    Four types of financing options provides customers with the ability to choose the plan that best fits their needs and budget restraints: Lease-To-Own Plan (LTOP), Lease-With-Option-To-Own (LWOO), Total Lifecycle Management (TLM), and Alternative Payment Plans (APP).

    TLM is a multi-phased approach that encompasses the planning, design, acquisition, implementation, and management of all the elements in an IT infrastructure.

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