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    Public Safety

    The importance of a complete public safety solution cannot be overstated. In these days of increasing terrorism, vandalism, and theft, it’s become abundantly clear that ensuring the safety and security of people, infrastructures, and key assets is a critical issue that demands serious attention. This holds true for all organizations, regardless of size, sector, or geographical location.

    The continuously shifting safety demands have put pressure on limited public safety and security resources to adequately implement and integrate these new technologies into security plans. The UGI array of solutions were developed to enable governments and organizations at every level to seamlessly integrate individual components into a complete consolidated view of the security infrastructure to effectively implement defense strategies. Whether it’s video surveillance, analytics, access control, intrusion detection, video management systems, security operations centers, or video storage technologies, each solution is designed, deployed, managed, and supported by UNICOM Government’s physical security experts.

    The UNICOM Government public safety components include:

    • Video analytics for evaluating the contents of video for specific data, behaviors, or events
    • Access control technologies enabling authorities to allow or deny access to physical facilities
    • Sonar and radar remote sensing systems for detection and identification
    • Command and control centers for centralized coordination of security efforts
    • Intrusion detection to monitor facilities for malicious activities
    • Mobile video solutions for gathering evidence for law enforcement agencies
    • Video surveillance, with IP-based and wireless systems for crime deterrence and incident verification
    • Perimeter security to prevent unauthorized access 
    • Biometrics for positively identifying users and digitally recording presence
    • Video management systems for precise control of resources
    • Storage systems for secure storage, access, and retrieval of data 
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