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    UNICOM Government, Inc.

    Technology Services, Solutions and Related Products

    In today's work-anywhere world, agencies need new communications capabilities to accommodate expanding telework policies and multiplying worksites. UNICOM Government's communication solutions are designed to improve collaboration and worker productivity.

    By converging voice, data, and video communications into a single secure IP-based network, the Unified Communications solution provides enterprise-grade IP capabilities to achieve mission-critical objectives, collaboration requirements, and budget goals.

    From traditional desk phones to the latest IP-based communications solutions, UNICOM Government's on-premise and cloud-based solutions offer scalability, security, redundancy, and real-time network management to improve employee productivity, reduce travel costs, and minimize carbon footprints. Our technology lifecycle management approach includes analysis, design, implementation, management training, and financial services.

    We offer:

    • Professional AV Teleconferencing
    • Digital Signage Networks
    • Presentation Systems
    • Telepresence
    • Integrated, Portable and Desktop VTC Solutions
    • Control Systems Design
    • Acoustic Modeling, Sound Reinforcement and Noise Masking
    • Digital Signage
    • Streaming, Content Storage, and Delivery
    • Command, Control and Communications
    • Collaborative Tools
    • Traditional Desk Phones and Soft-Phones
    Net App