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    With the recent surge in U.S. droughts, capabilities to detect water leaks and manage water usage in real time are imperative. UNICOM Government's Water Conservation Solution addresses city and county needs to track, analyze, and report the use of natural resources, faster. Through advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system deployment, our solution enables users to measure, collect, analyze and monitor usage in real time. Our engineers work closely with IT and utilities departments to establish project priorities and clear lines of communication.

    Our solution helps you:

    • Measure: Accurately record natural resource usage via digital flow meters at endpoints.
    • Collect: Gather data with wireless flow meters and transmit data through the city wireless network. Expand existing networks to reach required city areas.
    • Analyze: Review data stored in the cloud to detect issues in water, gas, or electrical networks.
    • Monitor: View usage in real time to improve billing accuracy.
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