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    United Language Group

    Interpreter and Translation Services

    Over The Phone Interpreting

    Our experienced interpreters speak more than 200 global languages and are available 24/7/365 to assist with your needs. All our interpreters are subject-matter experts in the vertical they interpret for and have been vetted through rigorous testing processes to ensure they’re capable of effective global communication.

    Key benefits include:

    • Quality of service – ULG delivers services aligned our clients’ missions, to provide outstanding service every day. From CCR pick up, to language identification, connection, continuity of service, and empathy and emotional intelligence when dealing with clients, ULG far surpasses their experience with other providers.
    • Approach to continuous improvement – We take a consultative approach to how we co-manage the program, and constantly look for ways to improve the client experience. ULG has flexibility to customize our solution to fit the needs and goals of our clients.
    • Continuity of service – In addition to being a leading OPI provider, we are also a RespOrg, which means that we do not have the same reliance that other providers do with lines, telecommunications providers, and outages. 

    Video Remote Interpreting

    ULG’s video remote interpreting services are reliable and user friendly. ULG provides access to qualified interpreters in various languages as well as American Sign Language (ASL).

    Get connected to an interpreter by:

    • Simply using an iPad or PC to utilize our touch screen capabilities to connect with an interpreter.
    • Scheduling an interpreter in advance using the touch screen system.

    We will support your needs and ensure that excellent quality and superior customer service remains as the foundation of your video interpreting services. 

    On-site Interpreting

    By partnering with ULG you will gain access to our exceptional on-site interpreting services. We provide:

    • On-site, professional interpreters in any language, anytime, anywhere in the world.
    • Staff that will address your requirements and send a qualified interpreter to provide expert interpretation.
    • Interpreters that are well versed in language nuances and cultural sensitivity.
    • Interpreters with commitment to strict confidentiality, the highest code of ethics, objectivity, and interpretation accuracy.

    ULG’s interpreters have conducted thousands of interpretations, simultaneous and consecutive, in legal and healthcare settings. Our team is also experienced in organizing and coordinating small to large conferences.

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