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    US Foods

    Food and Food Service Equipment

    Contract #111621-USF

    US Foods and OMNIA Partners recognize that our K12 customers face unique challenges and, therefore, require special solutions! While food and nutrition regulations are ever-evolving, our cooperative contract was solicited with the goal of meeting schools' current needs as well as providing flexibility for those that lie ahead! 

    Some highlights include: 

    • Service and Value
      • Prime vendor program with national purhcasing power and lowest cost of goods
      • School-specific products including whole grain, smart snack, national brands, etc.
      • We support NOI, Buy American and Federal certification guidelines
      • All products are covered by a fee per case and not restricted to a bid list
      • Transparent and auditable program
      • Incentives, rebates and discounts go directly to schools
      • Simplified online ordering with 24-hour/365 day a year toll free customer support
      • No fees to participate!
    • Pricing and Rebates
      • Cost plus fee per case pricing with a fee schedule based on annual customer volume
      • Fee per case is fixed July 1 through June 30th
      • Incentives for drop size and prompt pay are off-invoice based on performance
      • New members will receive new business incentive rebate for the first 12 months of purchases
      • All members will receive a US Foods Brands incentive paid semi-annually ongoing
      • Annual fee per case is adjusted up or down based on a formula with CPI and change in average case cost