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    US Tech core service department, Temporary Services handles multiple job classifications, which encompasses a wide range of skills such as IT and Professional (both management and non-management categories), and Customer Service. US Tech’s direct-hire placement division takes the risk out of hiring direct-hire employees with a variety of innovative and cost-effective programs that offer financial flexibility.

    US Tech remains committed to creating “client-for-life” relationships. With our multitude of effective recruitment techniques, state-of-the-art testing programs, and technological capabilities, US Tech provides quality IT candidates to its public sector clients. US Tech recruitment methods include a vast database with over 10,000+ vetted candidates who are ready to start at a moment’s notice. In addition, our skill assessment program has been designed to test a variety of skill sets, which increases client productivity. Our technological capabilities are user-friendly, and they allow our clients to browse hundreds of resumes so that our clients may choose the right candidate.


    US Tech has a global sourcing team of over 850 recruitment and sourcing professionals. We provide dedicated teams to our clients that pro-actively build pipelines based on their needs. We have a national recruitment center and shared teams that can support a spike in requirements in a seamless way. US Tech currently works with various clients that have high volume needs. Through this medium, we are offering participating agencies the best of IT temporary staffing solutions which include:

    • Workforce Assistance: US Tech’s Team will support participating agencies with hard-to-fill positions.
    • Contingent Labor Services:  IT, Healthcare, Management, Administration, Accounting, and other business roles.
    • Direct Sourcing: Provide white-glove service to stakeholders while offering a better experience for the hiring managers and candidates by utilizing a combination of people, processes, and innovative technology to drive savings in excess of 10% across the program.
    • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): Managing the recruiting process for the client’s full-time hires in an outsourced model.
    • BPO/KPO: Business and knowledge process outsourcing for various business functions.
    • HTD: Hire Train Deploy model that helps companies develop the latest and cutting-edge talent identifying the top talent from universities and grooming them for specific skills.
    • Candidates’ Database: US Tech has over 23+ Million candidates’ databases. The participating agencies will get the excess to our database.
    • JD Support: We have a team of experts with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry who can support the participating agencies (small or big) regarding roles or job descriptions corresponding to the requirements.
    • Highly Customized Process: US Tech encourages suggestions and discussions with our clients to achieve the best possible results. Our Team strives for perfection.
    • Flexible Insurance Policy: US Tech provides a flexible insurance policy, where candidates/clients or both can decide and enroll for selective insurance plans.
    • Full Support and Partnership: US Tech is committed to providing full support and partnership in the success of this contract.

    Government Solutions

    To ensure that government entities such as participating agencies receive exemplary services, US Tech developed a Government Solutions Division to fulfill the specific needs of our public sector clients. This division consistently tracks milestones and deliverables, addresses all quality control issues, adheres to budgeting cycles, and maintains constant lines of open communication to remain proactive with regard to all contractual and service issues. In turn, US Tech team members work diligently to provide this specialized client base with high-quality staffing solutions while remaining cognizant of the taxpayers’ dollars.

    US Tech has been providing reliable temporary staffing in a variety of professional and technical areas. In early 2000, US Tech established a dedicated IT division: US Tech is focused on meeting MIS and IT support service requirements for its client base, which includes both large and small business public sector entities on the Local, State, and Federal levels. US Tech provides corporate high-tech businesses and government entities with cost-effective solutions, and places high-end technical and IT candidates in areas included but limited to Microcomputer Specialists, Telecommunications Coordinator, Network Planning Analysts, Network Services Technicians, Data Network Specialists, Network Systems Engineers/Architects, Programmer Analysts, Database Architects and Administrators, Web Developers, System Administrators, Business Objects Administrators, FileNet.


    US Tech is dedicated to fulfilling the unique requirements of public sector entities. As we support participating agencies by providing highly qualified temporary personnel, we will help our associates achieve their career goals. We also help uplift communities by assisting and teaming with minority, woman-owned, and small disadvantaged businesses.

    US Tech Government Solutions Division also has dedicated departments staffed with specialists to provide support for our government clients. These departments include the following:

    • Quality Assurance Team
    • ISO Certification and Compliance Team
    • Invoicing and Payroll Department
    • Risk Management Department
    • Legal Department
    • Training and Implementation Department
    • HR and Benefits Department