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    Inspection Services

    vda® provides a variety of Inspection Services that enable our clients to maintain the safety and operation of the equipment serving their building. These inspections include.

    Maintenance Quality Control Evaluation (QCE) – This program provides professional evaluation of the level of maintenance being performed on a building’s elevators and vertical transportation equipment. For some clients, the firm performs these audits annually although many building owners and managers prefer semi-annual or quarterly evaluation. A QCE is typically performed when the client notifies vda® that the elevators are not performing to their satisfaction. If the elevator equipment is under ten (10) years old, then we should suggest a QCE be performed. The purpose of this inspection is to find any potential maintenance related issues that need to be addressed, which would be causing the elevators to be performing unsatisfactorily. Upon completion of the evaluation, we will issue a report with our findings and an overview of the equipment, any code related issues found and immediate/short/long term recommendations. Equipment over ten years of age is getting to the point where certain upgrades may and should be considered. (Door operators, signal fixtures) At that point we should direct the client to another product of ours, the Survey and Report

    Due Diligence – This product is typically provided when a building is being refinanced or sold. Banks and potential buyers need to know the status of the building and the existing elevators and/or vertical transportation equipment to either negotiate a better purchase price or to see what capital will be needed to be spent in the short term (one to three years) and medium term, (three to five years). vda® will inspect the existing equipment and provide a report that is produced when a client is needing a quick review of the building’s elevators. Typically, the client is looking for any maintenance related issues that need to be addressed immediately and if they need to spend any money when a property is purchased. A report with our findings will typically contain an overview summary of the equipment, and immediate concerns, short and medium terms. The report also contains a Life Cycle Analysis, ADA review, Code and Standards Review, Recorded Operation Parameters and the Equipment Profile.  

    Mandated Periodic Testing (NYC)/Third Party Witness/Annual Inspection Certification (AIC) – vda® provides “third party” inspection services and/or “Witness” testing of mandated periodic inspections depending on local law requirements. Subsequent to the Periodic Inspection/Testing, vda® will file the required report and findings on behalf of the Client. In addition, vda® will provide a copy of the test report to the Client for record

    Services Include

    • Performance of Maintenance Evaluations at Specified Intervals
    • Monitoring of Services to Verify Meeting of Contractual Obligations
    • Negotiate Pricing and Validate Extra Billings
    • Act on Behalf of Client at Contractor Meetings
    • Provide Recommendations for Improvement
    • Evaluation of Overall Level of Maintenance
    • Measurement of Actual Operating Performance vs. Recommended Standards
    • Review of Mandated Testing Dates
    • Itemize Deficiency Documentation
    • Recommendations for Improvement

    Maintenance Agreement

    Complementing initial evaluations and maintenance audits, vda® will help develop and oversee maintenance contract agreements that best suit individual client needs. The company calls on its familiarity with anticipated operational issues, identifying and establishing appropriate contract terms to obtain desired levels of equipment availability and performance