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    VDA Elevator and Escalator Consulting

    The Leader in Vertical Transportation Consulting

    Elevator Consultants

    When it comes to the leader in providing Elevator Consulting Services, look no further than vda®. We are a full-service provider with new construction, modernization, and maintenance service capabilities. We offer comprehensive in-house design and engineering consulting services for elevators, escalators and virtually all types of vertical transportation equipment. We have a vast pool of knowledgeable professionals who have worked for all the major vendors in the industry. vda® is confident that given our diverse experience and wealth of knowledge we can provide the most suitable and effective solutions to your vertical transportation needs. To learn how vda® can help you on your next project visit our services page and contact us today at the branch office nearest you.

    Our Goal

    Respond to the client’s vertical transportation needs in a timely and professional manner and provide our consulting services for the vertical transportation systems with the appropriate recommendations for short and long-term safety and efficient operation. Our consultants are continually up to date on new technology, manufacturers, regulations and design trends. We ensure your project planning will go smoothly and our involvement will guarantee a building that meets everyone’s diverse standards, regardless of the scope or work and the services being provided. vda® is confident that given our experience, resources, and personnel who are willing and able to fulfill the needs of our clients, will result in a successful solution on any project.