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Virco's extensive product solutions - including custom engineered solutions are available in a wide range of colors and finishes with corresponding lead times as described below.

Quick Ship

With Virco's Quick Ship program, our furniture favorites ship within 10 business days of order acknowledgement. Order from a selection of specific stocked furniture favorites, including our most popular chairs, tables, desks and storage solutions. We understand that in today's learning environments, things happen fast. When time is a factor, select models from our Quick Ship Furniture Catalog.

Virco quick ship

Classroom Basics

Our Campus Basics program is an expansion of Quick Ship products and color combinations. We offer a full spectrum of color options on every product to fit any environment. Our standard array of colors is available across the board for soft and hard plastic, laminates, powder coat and chrome - and carry the short lead-time for projects that require quick solutions. Models are assembled upon receipt of an order from components we stock and are usually ready to ship in 4-6 weeks of order acknowledgement.

Virco Campus Basics

Virco's Full Palette of Colors, Fabrics Laminates and Finishes (Made-to-Order Models)

When time is not a factor, explore our full product assortment and beyond. Models not included in our Quick Ship or Classroom Basics program are made-to-order and are usually ready within 8 weeks from order acknowledgment.

In addition to our Quick Ship, Campus Basics and Equipment for Educators, Virco offers and extended palette of colors with extensive choices and flexibility with our Custom Program. This selection of additional colors may necessitate longer lead-times and require minimum quantities, but the choices are vast and cover a wide variety of options to customize your project.

For more information, see your current Virco OMNIA Partners Contract. You can also contact your local Virco Sales Representative or call 1-800-448-4726 for customer service assistance.

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