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    Virco is proud of its dynamic affiliation with the OMNIA Partners Government Purchasing Alliance. Thanks to a competitive solicitation by Virginia-based Prince William Public Schools, participation in the OMNIA Partners program is open to public entities nationwide – including school districts, colleges and universities, as well as city, county and state agencies – allowing you to purchase directly from Virco’s OMNIA Partners contract without any additional bidding.

    How do I place an order with Virco?
    You must be a registered participant to utilize the OMNIA Partners contract. If not, please Register to Participate.
    To start ordering, click here to locate a Virco Representative near you.
    Who can participate? 
    States, State Agencies, Counties, Cities, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Non-Profits and Special Districts. 
    My state requires local governments to bid everything. Can local governments in my state use this program without going out to bid? 
    Yes. This contract has been competitively bid by a government agency. Through the Joint Powers Authority or an inter-local agreement, local governments can "piggy-back" this competitively bid contract through OMNIA Partners. This satisfies the competitive bid requirements in most states. See state by state laws on intergovernmental purchasing.
    What does a government agency need to do in order to participate? 
    Complete the free online registration found on the OMNIA Partners website. During the registration process, you will be asked to mark suppliers you are interested in. The suppliers that you select will contact you with detailed pricing and ordering information. 
    Is there a fee associated with joining OMNIA Partners? 
    No, there are no costs or user fees to the local agency to participate or register
    If my agency already has an account with Virco – Education Furniture, do I need to set up a new account? 
    No. Contact your Virco – Education Furniture Account Manager to have the OMNIA Partners program linked to your existing account. 
    Does the competitive pricing apply, regardless of quantity? 
    Using Virco – Education Furniture and the OMNIA Partners program assures an agency they are getting a very competitive price on any size order. There are no costs, minimum quantity requirements or spend limits associated with using the Virco – Education Furniture OMNIA Partners program. 
    How does it save time and money? 
    The key value for the agency is resource savings. On average, OMNIA Partners participating agencies will save 5% over traditional procurement practices. Most agencies today are spread too thin. Agencies are downsizing administrative departments, and retiring or departing purchasing and maintenance positions are left unfilled. The OMNIA Partners program provides a mechanism to save the time and costs associated with obtaining quotes or preparing bids. The time savings allow the department to accomplish its work tasks more efficiently with the personnel on hand.
    How can my agency participate in the OMNIA Partners program? 
    Complete the online registration.
    Can more than one person at my agency register?
    Yes, additional users can register by completing the standard registration process; the system will automatically unify all registrations that use the same TIN under one agency account. Alternately, existing users can add new users from within their account.


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