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    Virco's OMNIA Partners zone pricing gives you tremendous savings based on order volume.  You can find your appropriate zone in the maps listed below. Under the appropriate zone map for your area, you can view your net delivered pricing for Virco products. If you have any additional questions, please contact your local Virco Sales Representative, whom you can find by clicking Request Contract Information Link or by visiting our website at www.virco.com.


    Zone 1: MT, ND, SD

    Virco Pricing Zone 1 Map

    Zone 1 2022 Price List

    Zone 2: CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT

    Virco Pricing Zone 2 Map

    Zone 2 2022 Price List

    Zone 3: IA, MN, NE, WI

    Virco Zone 3 Pricing Map

    Zone 3 2022 Price List

    Zone 4: CO, ID, NV, UT, WY

    Virco Pricing Zone 4 Map

    Zone 4 2022 Price List

    Zone 5: KS, MO, OK

    Virco Pricing Zone 5 Map

    Zone 5 2022 Price List

    Zone 6: KY, NC, TN

    Virco Pricing Zone 6 Map

    Zone 6 2022 Price List

    Zone 7: FL, GA, SC

    Virco Pricing Zone 7 -United States Territory

    Zone 7 2022 Price List

    Zone 8: AL, LA, MS, TX

    Virco Pricing Zone 8 Map

    Zone 8 2022 Price List

    Zone 9: AR

    Virco Pricing Zone 9 Map

    Zone 9 2022 Price List

    Zone 10: CA

    Virco Pricing Zone 10 Map

    Zone 10 2022 Price List

    Zone 11: AK, HI

    Virco Pricing Zone 11 Map

    Zone 11 2022 Price List

    Zone 12: AZ, NM

    Virco Pricing Zone 12 Map

    Zone 12 2022 Price List

    Zone 13: OR, WA

    Virco Pricing Zone 13 Map

    Zone 13 2022 Price List

    Zone 14: PA, WV, VA, Washington DC

    Virco Pricing Zone 14 Map

    Zone 14 2022 Price List

    Zone 15: IL, IN, OH, MI

    Virco Pricing Zone 15

    Zone 15 2022 Price List





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    Email: info@virco.com
    Phone: 1-800-448-4726
    Fax: 1-800-258-7397

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