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    Today’s classroom is an active, dynamic place where students are often given room to move – empowering them with choices of where to sit, how to sit and even when to sit. All to keep them more engaged, comfortable and productive.

    Virco supports the flexible learning environment with furniture that allows easy transition from lecture to hands-on practice, from collaborative projects to independent time for reading, research or introspection. And we know bodies are built for motion, for wiggling and twisting, bouncing and sometimes even rocking. That’s why our healthy movement collections offer ergonomic seating that flexes and rocks, chairs that roll and swivel and tables and desks that adjust from sitting to stand-up height and can work alone or nest together – all designed to move with ease and help students find the position and space where they work best.

    Our products work together to help set the stage for an active, flexible classroom. Each piece integrates with popular Virco classroom lines and is built with the legendary Virco durability that has made our products the classroom standard since 1950.

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    Virco Room To Move Flexible Classroom Furniture for Dynamic Classrooms


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