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    Webbco Enterprises LLC dba Visual Communication Services

    Language Service Providers and Related Services

    On-Site Interpreting

    On-site interpreting by certified, screened, professional interpreters including ASL (American Sign Language), PSE (Pidgin Signed English: combination of ASL + English), SEE (Signing Exact English) Oral and Trilingual (ASL/Spanish/English), Interpretation and Transliteration (Signing in English word order incorporating ASL features + inaudible mouthing of the spoken message). 

    Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

    Certified interpreting services are delivered remotely anywhere in the world. All that is needed to utilize VCS's VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) services is a newer computer (2+ years or newer), a webcam and internet connection. Mobile VRI services are available from VCS for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices through the VCI mobile applications. Simple software download is required to enable streaming video viewed on a mobile device. 

    Interpreting and Translation 

    For those who do not use sign language and prefer lip reading, a certified VCS oral interpreter/transliterator presents information through facial and lip expression while mouthing the words to express what is being communicated. 

    Foreign Language Interpreters and Translators 

    VCS provides qualified foreign language interpreters and translators for spoken language communication needs either on-site or remote. 


    Community, business, educational, and one-on-one client/consumer consulting to deliver unlimited equal access anywhere, anytime. 


    Preparatory/certification advancement mentoring for Interpreter Training Program (ITP) graduates and interpreters seeking certification, enhanced skills training and/or internship opportunities. 

    Professional Development

    Interpreter skills development to enhance the quality of service of the interpreting community. 

    Speech to Text

    The spoken word is transcribed to written text and delivered anywhere in the world via the internet or provided on-site and remote, displayed via laptop, projector or LED screen through one of the following programs: 


    Uses proprietary TypeWell abbreviation software to translate the spoken word meaning-for-meaning in written text. 


    Real time word for word of listening to an event, class, conference, meeting, etc. and transcribing what it heard using stenographic sending equipment of voice recognition software and sending verbatim transcribed text almost instantaneously to end users. 


    Certified C-Print captionists provide text through voice and abbreviated keyboard typing utilizing proprietary software. 


    Service scripts delivered via email, text file or hard copy. 

    Contact Information

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