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    Household Moving, Relocation Services and Related Products

    The Weichert Move Network (WMN)

    Provides customers with an unsurpassed single source of communication, cost control and accountability throughout the entire household goods shipment process.  Shipment and storage of household goods is one of the most significant emotional barometers of any relocation. When the process is completed in a seamless, timely and professional manner, you’re able to settle in that much quicker. When the process doesn’t go smoothly, the effects can be far-reaching, halting productivity, causing undue stress and leaving a negative lasting impression. Where many of our competitors outsource this critical function, Weichert offers a brighter solution: our unique, on-site Weichert Move Network (WMN). Through the WMN, we deliver peace of mind, providing professional, quality Move Management Services through one point of contact. We do it all: estimate costs, schedule pick-up and delivery, provide comprehensive insurance coverage, audit invoices, track cost savings and administer claims.

    Our carefully-selected, thoroughly-trained alliance partners represent the best and most service-oriented van lines and agents in the industry. These alliance partners offer significant strengths: over 40,000 annual moves, more than 15,000 vehicles, access to 25 million square feet of storage, and nationwide coverage. By consolidating our activity through these partners, we can offer our clients and their relocating employees a wide range of tangible benefits, including:

    • Consistent service quality
      • Overall satisfaction rating of 95%
      • On time performance 99.6%
      • Claim frequency 14%
      • Average claim cost per move $245
      • Average settlement time 19 days
    • The most aggressive, volume-leveraged pricing
    • Consolidated billing
    • A built-in audit process that can save hundreds of dollars on every move
    • Integrated systems, allowing customers to track their moves via our proprietary technology platform
    • Greater accountability and point-to-point control over the entire household goods shipment process
    • Unparalleled flexibility

    Weichert Corporate Housing

    Will keep your relocating employees comfortable and productive when permanent residences in the destination location are not yet ready for occupancy, Weichert provides cost-effective temporary housing solutions through Weichert Corporate Housing (WCH).

    Our properties are selected with the needs of today’s businessperson in mind. Locations are carefully researched to ensure the most contemporary amenities and proximity to corporate and business centers; major commuter arteries; shopping, dining and recreation.

    The synergy between Weichert and WCH allows for unmatched flexibility and responsiveness, Weichert Counselors work directly with specially designated WCH Counselors who assess your employees’ needs and identify appropriate housing in accordance with client  policy. WCH Counselors are seasoned housing experts who handle  everything for your employees and their families, ensuring comfort at every step of the process and making them feel “right at home.”

    Consider the following advantages that our temporary housing solutions offer over extended hotel stays:

    Personalized Assistance
    Experienced WCH Counselors, working in tandem with Weichert Relocation Counselors, serve as your employees’ advocates throughout their stay and assist with their temporary housing needs.

    Widest Range of Options
    We offer the finest apartments, condos and townhouses across the U.S. and Canada, with styles to match every taste and budget. Whether you’re permanently relocating your employees or just need short-term solutions for temporary assignments or summer internships, we can help.

    Increased Functionality
    The apartments available through WCH are not only more spacious than a hotel room, they’re designed to function as permanent homes, with kitchens, multiple bedrooms, larger work stations and more storage space.

    Greater Comfort at Lower Cost
    Put your employees and their families in a hotel room for an extended period of time, and they’ll soon be cramped, confined and longing for the comforts of their departure residences –sentiments that don’t bode well for successful assignments. Our properties offer more space and better amenities, and we work to create a “home away from home” for relocating employees and their families.  Further, during an extended hotel stay, the cost of restaurant meals, room service and telephone usage can become exorbitant. And this is before you factor in the hotel tax. Our properties are more economical, offering kitchens and appliances for employees to cook their own meals, and local phone service is included in the price.

    Improved Productivity
    Living out of a suitcase can get tiresome. When your employees are comfortably situated, they’re more relaxed, more productive, and able to focus more on the new assignment.

    Consolidated Billing and Reporting
    Weichert audits and processes all temporary housing invoices to ensure accuracy and simplified client billing. We can provide detailed reports to help you manage this costly relocation component.

    When you consider these advantages, and the fact that your employees will enjoy the comforts of home for as little as half of the cost of a hotel stay, we think you’ll agree that Weichert Corporate Housing offers a Legendary temporary housing solution.

    Global Service Delivery

    Our global footprint allows unparalleled flexibility and scalability, supported by a tri-regional service delivery system (based in the EMEA, Asia Pacific and Americas regions) to ensure superior, point-to-point control. And we facilitate your assignees’ assimilation into their destination locations through our Weichert Global Network, a unique team of specialists providing on-the-ground expertise and personalized assistance in over 192 countries. Our Network members receive the same training and are held to the same performance criteria as our own colleagues, so they can seamlessly extend our service reach across the globe.  Our suite of services includes:

    Relocation Management

    • Household Goods Management
    • Temporary Living/Corporate Housing
    • Departure Service
    • Home Marketing Assistance
    • Home Sale Services
    • Home Search Assistance
    • Rental Finding Assistance
    • Inventory Management
    • Property Management
    • Settling-in Services
    • Tenancy Management
    • Spouse Career Counseling
    • Mortgage Services
    • Return Move Coordination
    • Home Leave Tracking
    • Repatriation/Post-Repatriation Services
    • VIP Services
    • Lump Sum Solution

    Advisory Services

    • Optimization Labs
    • Policy Design & Development
    • Benchmarking
    • Policy Consulting
    • Group Move Management
    • Talent Management Alignment
    • Diagnostic Benchmarking
    • Reference Desk
    • Process Re-engineering

    Pre-Departure Services

    • Pre-Assignment Counseling
    • Compensation Planning
    • Assignment Cost Projections
    • Assignment Letter Preparation
    • Tax Planning & Strategy
    • Initial Compensation Worksheet Calculation
    • Visa/Immigration Coordination
    • Net Income Cash-Flow Analysis
    • Certificate of Coverage Management
    • Cultural & Language Training





    Global Payroll Services

    Business Traveler Tracking and Reporting

    GEO Solutions

    Expense Management & Reporting

    • Cost-of-Living Analyses
    • Lump Sum Administration
    • Expense Audit & Disbursement
    • Gross-up Processing
    • Coordination of Payroll & Tax Services
    • Management Reporting
    • Vendor Invoice Audit & Payments
    • Hypothetical Tax Calculation
    • Recovery of Advances/Excess Payments
    • Tax & Compensation Counseling

    Compensation Collection & Reporting

    • Tax Equalization Tracking & Payments
    • Year-End Compensation Breakdown
    • Compensation Worksheet Maintenance
    • Budget Accruals
    • Payroll Training Support
    • Host Country Compensation Reporting
    • Tax Preparation & Compliance
    • Shadow Payroll Reporting
    • On-Going Tax & Compensation Reporting












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