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    Music Posture Chairs and Music Stands

    Music Chairs

    Wenger is the leader in music posture chair design. No matter the need, the level of performance, or size of the musician, Wenger has a chair that is perfect for everyone. Better posture, improved technique, protection for valuable instruments and undisputed value. These are just a few of the attributes that make Wenger the industry leader with regards to music education seating.

    • Nota® Music Posture Chairs
    • Student Music Posture Chairs

    Music Stands:

    For over 50 years, more music educators and musicians have trusted their music stand needs to Wenger. Elegant in design, sophisticated in appearance and uncompromising in construction, Wenger sheet music and tablet stands deliver the ideal combination of size, balance and functionality. From the rehearsal space to the auditorium, Wenger’s commitment to quality, value and professionalism remains as unwavering as the stands themselves.

    • Bravo™ Music Stand
    • Classic 50® Music Stand 
    • Roughneck™ Music Stand
    • Preface® Music Stand
    Music ChairsMusic Stand


    Conductor's Equipment

    No two conductors are alike. That’s why Wenger offers the widest selection of stands, podiums and fully customizable systems to fit the unique needs and personal style of today’s modern music conductors. From the rehearsal space to the auditorium, Wenger conductor’s equipment combines industry-leading ergonomic design, superior flexibility and professional aesthetics so conductors can create the most comfortable, efficient and organized workspaces.

    • Flex® Conductor's Equipment
    Conductor Equipment


    Conductors Equipment



    Teaching Tools

    Educating the next generation of musicians requires tools that allow music educators to take their teaching to the next level. Wenger understands the needs of classroom educators better than anyone and has developed a line of teaching tools that maximize function, comfort and durability. From individual workstations to storage cabinets, Wenger has everything you need to run a world-class music department and inspire the next generation of great musicians.

    • Media Storage Cabinets
    • Music Lab Workstations
    Media Storage Cabinets


    Music Lab Workstations


    Storage Solutions

    Your music equipment and garments require storage that is organized and durable. Wenger offers storage options that are reliable, adjustable and mobile for your theater costumes, folios, sheet music and beyond. With more than 70 years of experience, there’s a reason Wenger is the leader in instrument and garment storage.

    • UltraStor® Instrument and Robe Storage Cabinets
    • AcoustiCabinet® Instrument Storage Cabinets
    robe storage cabinets


    instrument storage cabinets



    Acoustic Solutions

    Wenger is a pioneer of acoustical equipment for music spaces, with innovative solutions that improve the learning environment and inspire great performances. Whether you are looking for traditional treatments or cutting-edge virtual technology, Wenger has a variety of solutions to meet your acoustic needs.

    • Legacy Classic Acoustical Shell
    • Travelmaster Acoustical Shell
    travel acoustical shellacoustical shell


    Choral Risers

    From set up to tear down, our choral risers are designed to be as hassle free as possible.  Configurable designs and easy set up allows you to focus on your performances and move quickly and conveniently from one place to the next.

    • Signature® Choral Risers
    • Tourmaster® Choral Risers
    choral risers


    tourmaster choral risers



    Staging and Seated Risers

    At Wenger our staging systems are built on the assumption that you have more needs than budget.  Musical productions, graduations, lectures, assemblies, show choirs, etc., the list goes on long after the purchase has been made. With our flexible staging solutions that have pushed the limits in technical achievements and materials, from seated risers to performance stages, Wenger offers you unlimited stage configuration possibilities.

    • StageTek® Staging and Seated Risers
    seated risersstagetek staging