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    Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Supplies and Related Services

    The WESCO | Anixter Distinction

    WESCO | Anixter is not simply a supplier of product. Whether you are looking for a solution for an application, technical intelligence for finding a product, or want to know the latest technology in the industry, we can put you in touch with sales specialists who are subject matter experts in their field to assist you in making the best decision for specific applications

    Turnkey Energy Efficiency Services:
    WESCO Energy Solutions (WES), a division of WESCO Distribution. Inc., is an innovative Solution Provider that manages thousands of energy-efficient turnkey retrofit projects across a broad range of industries, more specifically LED Lighting and EV Charging Stations. The team helps optimize energy savings and finds the best rebates and tax incentives available for large single-site locations or clients with multisite locations globally.  By tailoring a solution to meet each location’s specific needs the team will design a combination of products and services for a complete end-to-end turnkey solution. We can cut your utility bill by at least 50%, with turnkey energy-saving solutions through trusted partners. WESCO manages it all, you reap the benefits.

    New Construction Lighting Review:
    When designing a new building, it's important to understand the specific lighting requirements for all spaces. WESCO, WES and our supplier partners can help customers design an optimal new construction lighting system to save energy, reduce maintenance, inventory, procurement costs, improve productivity and meet environmental standards. WESCO also provides LEED and green strategy expertise to new construction projects.

    Data Center Assessment:
    Data Center assessments offer an overall health checkup of critical power and cooling systems, catalog existing infrastructure, and identify operational efficiency issues. Recommendations are provided to optimize the existing Data Center based on industry best practices, taking into account future growth projections.

    Network Closet Assessment: 
    Network and communication closets are dynamic areas within a business. Constant moves, additions, and changes occur and often there may not be the proper equipment in place to streamline configurations to ensure maximum availability. The assessment team examines environmental and critical infrastructure conditions and provides recommendations to increase overall closet effectiveness.

    Power Distribution Services:
    When clients need scalable, customized solutions for power distribution, this set of services can meet their requirements. WESCO experts design and integrate electrical distribution equipment, low voltage and data assemblies, energy management and lighting control systems into a single Integrated Facility Systems (IFS) assembly. This expertise can extend into retrofit applications when new equipment is preferred or required.  

    Power Quality:
    Process and administrative computer requirements today demand high quality power with few, if any interruptions in service. With increased costs for electrical service a complete system power factor and power quality audit is a wise solution. WESCO can provide enhanced power quality solutions through supplier partners. WESCO will meet with the customer to discuss how this solution for power quality can improve system efficiency, lower repair and operation costs, and improve equipment life.

    Applying proven concepts such as value stream mapping, cost/time studies, process value assessments, space utilization and error-proofing to existing processes helps customers identify opportunities and potential solutions for quality and productivity improvements. A customized supply chain strategy for addressing existing barriers and waste within a process flow is delivered to customers, helping them achieve their goals and objectives. This can help a school or government agency streamline their internal processes.

    Product Standardization:
    Using the customer's inventory data, WESCO learns more about the manufacturers currently involved throughout their supply chain to prepare a complete comparative analysis. A dozen different types/styles of an item may be reduced to two or three choices. Details of the study are submitted to the customer for review and ultimate selection of the most appropriate manufacturer to meet their specification and value requirements.

    Technology & Support Services (TSS) Team:

    We believe that innovation can drive better business insights and processes for agile decision-making, improved performance, seamless compliance and help deliver stronger outcomes across your organization. TSS is a global technology support organization that partners with customers to offer technical insight and expert advice to define innovative solutions and services that meet current and future business needs. TSS can help you:​

    • Gain insight to keep pace with emerging technologies​
    • Align business goals with technology solution roadmaps for digital transformation ​
    • Supplement in-house engineer resources and fill technology knowledge gaps​
    • Support your complex projects around the world​
    • Drive interoperability ​
    • Benefit from freedom of choice and scalability.​


    Wireless Team:

    WESCO | Anixter is at the center of the complete wireless ecosystem. We understand the operator’s network requirements. We work to define the enterprise’s needs and design a complete solution, including financial and professional services, installation and operator approval to ensure the fastest deployment, while working with certified integrators and contractors to install the solution.​


    Locking Solutions Team:

    Locking Solutions has a team of dedicated professionals to support your locking business and needs - rekeying a facility, replacing hardware, improving key control, retrofitting for touchless access, and much more. We have a wide variety of services to make your business more efficient whether that be labor-saving services, inventory management, or helping to manage your cash flow​.

    Pro AV Team:

    As the professional audio-visual industry continues to change, WESCO | Anixter helps you meet the evolving demands of your organization. With everything converging due to IoT, the AV technologies you deploy become interwoven with the rest of your IT infrastructure. This includes everything on your network – from cabling, to wireless, security and more. We are perfectly positioned to help you look at your AV solutions as a holistic part of your future infrastructure needs. 

    From your day-to-day needs to scaling for your largest projects and programs, know that you can count on us. Our vision is to be the best tech- enabled supply chain solutions provider in the world. You can rely on WESCO | Anixter to help you get MORE+.

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