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    WESCO Distribution, Inc.

    Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Supplies and Related Services

    Wesco is more than products. Through Wesco Energy Solutions (WES), this division of Wesco offers a full suite of service solutions that help an OMNIA Partners member to design, select products, and provide installation for your campus and facilities.

    Using WES for Turnkey Installations

    WES holds electrical contractors’ licenses in all states where those licenses are required by state statute. In states where there is no Electrical Contracting license requirement, we maintain required jurisdictional licenses (electrical) where the work is performed. WES has filings with the Secretary of State of each State to perform turnkey electrical services and provide products. In addition, WESCO has sales and use tax licenses in each state as required.

    WES uses a network of pre-qualified external partners to perform the labor to install most of the project scopes. A major part of our subcontractor selection process and ongoing recruitment is their safety records and history of safety performance over the past 5 years. WES recognizes that any safety issues with our subcontractor network, are WESCO safety issues, and need to be closely monitored and tracked. Audit/Survey, Measurement & Verification, Design Engineers, Project Management, Procurement Specialists, Safety Engineers, Environment Engineers, Commissioning Team, Control Acceptance Testers, Lighting and Control Training and Rebate Team Specialists are all WES employees. Some of our Installation Teams are subcontractors that we have had long relationships with and follow WES’s Safety and Quality Policy.

    Turnkey Services Provided

    Lighting Services

    WES can provide interior and exterior lighting solutions for traditional, decorative and energy efficient needs.  WES can offer energy audits, design lighting, control system upgrades, and integrate with building management systems.

    EV Charging Stations

    WES can off a complete solution for commercial and public plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) stations that are compliant with all industry standards and compatible with all major auto manufacturers’ electric vehicles. WES can assist accessing available rebates and incentives. Product is SAE J1772 compliant.


    WES can provide solutions for Rooftops, Parking Facilities and Undeveloped Open Areas to future-proof your electrical rate and offset your utility bill expenditures. WES can also assist in researching incentives and rebate funding that may be available to you.


    If you are looking to add or expand your Distributed Antenna System or a basic Wi-Fi system with access points, WES can install the system to fit your needs

    Network Infrastructure

    Needing to expand or upgrade your copper and fiber internal communication system to meet your networking needs? WES can install the latest technology of cable, connectivity and network pathways to exceed your highest demands.

    Physical Security

    WES will offer all the latest technology for Access Control Readers and Software. Also provide complete Video Surveillance solution of Camera’s, Management & Storage and related Software to keep and maintain a secure environment

    Feel free to inquire…”What other Services can WES offer?”

    Turnkey Installation Costs

    • Installation Services pricing will be negotiated per the terms of the Master Agreement
    • Pricing will be determined by the size and scope of the project, on a case-by-case, and be presented to the OMNIA member for evaluation
    • WES will not proceed with the project until a “Task Order” agreement is in place
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