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    WorldWide Interpreters

    Interpretation & Translation Services

    Interpretation Experience

    For over 18 years, WorldWide Interpreters has been providing on-demand phone interpretation to local governments, hospitals and businesses across the United States. We’ve worked with clients across 21 states and continue to expand into new areas each month.

    Our interpreters and translators are U.S. based and are located across 31 states. Our quality control and interpreter standards ensure that our staff meets or exceeds industry-level certifications through company certifications and national certifications. Many of our interpreters also hold specialized certifications in areas such as medical terminology and court interpretation standards.

    Government Organizations We Support

    • 211 & 311 Services and Hotlines
    • Public Health
    • Social Services
    • K-12 Schools
    • Homeland Security
    • Universities
    • Disaster Relief
    • Courts & Corrections
    • 911/Fire/Police/EMS Responders
    • Employment/Labor

    80% of people desire customer support in their own language

      Interpretation Capabilities

      • We have a proven track record of providing over-the-phone interpretation services to clients both large and small.
      • We handle large volume interpretation calls each day for large State Governments and Hospital networks
      • We can quickly get new clients setup (matter of minutes)
      • Capacity to quickly transition large-scale clients from a previous interpretation company
      • Ability to provide over-the-phone interpretation conference calls between the calling party, the limited English speaker, the interpreter and the operator
      • Confidentiality between clients, our interpreters and our office staff to ensure optimal communication