XG Communities

Wireless Marketing Plan


Maintain control of City-owned assets and generate revenue for your City

 XG Communities is a premier provider of intelligent, connected wireless planning and marketing of assets. The intelligence provides Cities the organization and control of available public assets, creation of new revenue from carriers, prevention of visual blight and increased coverage for residents, citizens and businesses.

XG Communities represents cities as a city advocate to create livable, sustainable, smart Cities with ubiquitous wireless coverage.

Core Offerings

  • Maximize the use of underutilized City assets
  • Maximize financial benefit to your City
  • Direct investment toward reducing the digital divide
  • Monetize City fiber infrastructure
  • Reduce visual blight in crowded areas

XG Communities Advantage

  • No capital investment required
  • Relationships with all carriers at executive level
  • Best negotiated revenue share available in the industry
  • Advocate for your City
  • Proven track record with outdoor wireless technologies
  • XG Communities does not own competing infrastructure; we are a neutral advocate


  1. Create a new revenue source for your City
  2. Enable accelerated deployment of small cell infrastructure
  3. Limit the number of street cuts and excavations required
  4. Lower visual impact and control aesthetics in the community
  5. Attract and retain businesses
  6. Create a long-term solution for wireless connectivity

For more information please visit: xgcommunities.com

Contact Information

Darin Arcolino 
City of Sacramento 
Email: DArcolino@cityofsacramento.org

Greg Steininger
XG Communities 
Email: greg.steininger@5bars.com 
Phone: 310-420-0578