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Wireless Marketing Plan

XG COMMUNITIES UNIQUE OFFERING: When wireless applications are received, cities must act quickly to understand wireless carriers’ coverage needs and the options that are available to meet those needs. Those needs and options are constantly evolving. XG Communities' master planning tools merge technical expertise of coverage needs with proprietary surveys of existing and forecasted coverage conditions. That information is then evaluated in the context of existing municipal assets that can be used to support wireless facilities. This proprietary intelligent platform is kept current so that a subscribing City may access the information and identify intelligent options and solutions on a real-time basis.

XG Communities has unique knowledge of the telecommunications marketplace. It proactively markets city assets to see that coverage solutions are identified, and satisfied, on terms that maximize revenue and minimize planning impacts. Because it has expertise in telecommunications leasing, XG Communities also ensures that that non-monetary contract terms are uniform and favorable to the City interests. XG Communities acts as an advocate for the City and offers this intelligent platform which provides an ongoing solution that maximizes opportunities while minimizing impacts from wireless facility siting decisions. No other company offers this service.

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Contact Information

Darin Arcolino 
City of Sacramento 
Email: DArcolino@cityofsacramento.org

Greg Steininger
XG Communities 
Email: greg.steininger@5bars.com 
Phone: 310-420-0578