There is Power in the Partnership 

With our team of public procurement experts dedicated specifically to state and local government, K-12 education and colleges and universities, OMNIA Partners eases the procurement burden by offering the nation’s most comprehensive portfolio of products and services from industry-leading suppliers. Our participants join to leverage their purchasing volumes to achieve higher discounts from manufacturers, distributors, and other suppliers.  

OMNIA Partners is the nation’s largest purchasing cooperative, connecting thousands of public agencies and educational institutions to create immense purchasing power. As the industry leader in service and value, OMNIA Partners makes fulfilling purchasing needs easier, less expensive and more efficient. 

State Government: Giving state governments the power to deliver value to their organizations through access to a competitive procurement process and suppliers they can trust. 

Local Government: Providing local government agencies competitively solicited contracts to help save time and resources while still meeting purchasing requirements.

Higher Education: Offering immediate solutions to help colleges and universities achieve their strategic goals while attracting and retaining faculty.

K-12 Education: Bringing unparalleled efficiencies and speed to the purchasing process so that K-12 schools can acquire the products needed for student success.

Nonprofit Organizations: Reducing expenses on operating supplies and services so nonprofit organizations have more resources towards programs that support their mission.