FRANKLIN, TN – July 15, 2020 - OMNIA Partners is pleased to announce that Kevin Heath, Executive Vice President has been invited to join the Global Health Crisis Coordination Center (GHC3) Partner Coalition Council. 

GHC3 is a nonprofit organization that harnesses and mobilizes the diverse capabilities of the private sector to augment global crisis response with solutions to high-priority challenges at all levels of government.

“We're grateful to Mr. Heath and the OMNIA Partners team for their support of GHC3 in the fight against COVID-19. Private sector partners are essential to our efforts in solving global health issues,” said Ken Berta, Executive Director of GHC3.

In this capacity, Mr. Heath joins distinguished representatives from Fortune 500 companies, major organizations, nonprofits, and universities who are called upon to help GHC3 leadership effectively mobilize the people and resources of the private sector.

Mr. Heath said, “I am honored to work with the outstanding team led by GHC3 to share information and resources during the fight against COVID-19. OMNIA Partners is committed to providing solutions and support to both the public and private sector markets. The partnership with GHC3 and the collaboration with fellow members of the Partner Coalition Council will benefit the country through innovation during this public healthcare crisis.”

As the Executive Vice President, Partner Development and Contracting for OMNIA Partners, Mr. Heath is responsible for the supplier relations, business development and sourcing of each subsidiary of OMNIA Partners.

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About Global Health Crisis Coordination Center (GHC3)

The Global Health Crisis Coordination Center (GHC3) leads a partner coalition of business, philanthropic and nonprofit leaders to help solve problems raised by public officials during health-related crises. The CDC Foundation and Microsoft are providing seed funding to establish GHC3 and accelerate the GHC3’s activation as part of The Center for Global Health Innovation (CGHI), launched in January 2020 in Atlanta, to bring together diverse global health, health technology and life sciences entities to collaborate, innovate, and activate solutions to enhance human health outcomes around the world. CGHI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that comprises five divisions including GHC3, Georgia Bio and Georgia Global Health Alliance. More information: