10,000 Unit Operator's Revenue Surges by $300k with GPO's Cell Tower Leasing Consultant

Aug 31, 2023   |   Cellular Solutions


Multifamily housing organizations, such as apartment complexes or condominium associations, have the ability to generate additional revenue by leasing their rooftops or other available space to cellular tower companies. This allows cellular tower companies to install and operate their equipment directly on the property, which helps improve wireless network coverage in the area. 

While this seems like a no-brainer, it's still important for both the cellular tower company and the multifamily housing organization to conduct proper due diligence before entering into a lease agreement. Property owners should consider potential impacts on residents, maintenance responsibilities, and any aesthetic changes to the property. This is where Cellular Solutions comes in and can help you ensure the lease you are exploring is compliant and will bring value to your property. 

Let’s dive into a real-life situation where Cellular Solutions helped a member of OMNIA Partners increase their revenue by utilizing cellular leasing. 

Cell Tower

The Challenge

This 10,000-unit operator was offered an opportunity to lease cellular equipment but needed further consultation into the current market to ensure the rental rates and lease terms were competitive. Their main objectives encompassed achieving higher revenue, recuperating costs and expenses through the cell provider, and safeguarding ownership rights from unjustified limitations imposed by the new tenant. 

The Solution

Working with OMNIA Partners, the organization entered lease negotiations with the prospective cellular provider by utilizing Cellular Solution’s industry expertise.  Cellular Solutions brings years of industry knowledge and superior negotiating skills that allow them to obtain top-of-the-market rental rates, minimize ownership costs and expenses, and preserve ownership rights.  

After working with to understand their goals, Cellular Solutions provided a free lease analysis of a new potential rooftop lease and identified significant opportunities for the member to significantly increase revenue, ensure expenses are recoverable, and secure favorable rights for ownership. Next, Cellular Solutions engaged the cell carrier in negotiations, handled all communications, and prioritized their goals. Finally, Cellular Solutions finalized lease terms in connection with the member and facilitated the signing and memorializing of the agreement. 

The Outcome

Cellular Solutions catered approach to the member not only provided an immediate revenue boost but also several long-term benefits and protections. This 10,000-unit operator increased the cellular lease monthly rental income by 94%, resulting in over $300,000 in additional revenue. Cellular Solutions was also able to include an annual rent increase and a one-time fee of $3,000 to cover all start-up costs.  

Additionally, Cellular Solutions successfully negotiated for any taxes or utilities attributable to the cell site to be reimbursable by the cell provider, similar to a NNN (triple net lease) lease. If the property incurs liability for taxes or utilities attributable to the lease, these funds are recoverable in perpetuity. Using lease protocols from prior deals Cellular Solutions had completed, they were able to secure a number of ownership-friendly terms including limited easement area for the cell tenant, improved renewal terms, and improved insurance protections. 

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About Cellular Solutions

Cellular Solutions LLC and OMNIA Partners consult Property Owners with rooftop cellular antenna sites. We are focused on representing the Property Owner in negotiations with all affected parties in order to increase revenue and cashflow. Whether you own the rights in your lease, or possibly sold them to a 3rd-party buy-out company, Cellular Solutions is still able to capture revenue for our clients. Our proprietary techniques increase cash flow from existing leases. Not only do we provide day 1 boosts to NOI, but also to the value of your underlying asset. 

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