Alabama Manufacturing Plant Drives Savings & Value Through OMNIA Partners

Oct 7, 2021   |   Garland

Member Saves 37% on Roofing Project

Garland/DBS, Inc. recently completed a project with a manufacturing plant in Alabama wherein they saved the member 37% on the cost of roofing through OMNIA Partners. Garland increased competition for labor and improved costs through a lower bid and bundling the work by type to provide additional savings. 

The Project

For this roofing project, the member previously developed specifications with the help of a consultant and bid the project to two contractors. The member was introduced to Garland, DBS, Inc. through the OMNIA Partners program to see if they could realize any additional savings.

As a full-service manufacturing manufacturer and distributor, Garland helps consolidate efforts as a single source for both materials and installation. By taking advantage of the Garland services, they were able to eliminate the need for the consultant by using the Garland's in-house engineering team. By using this approach through Garland, the member was able to receive these additional services as part of the project:

  •  Inspections & Assessment
  • Design Assistance
  • Asset Planning/ Budgeting
  • Project Management Assistance
  • Preventive Maintenance

In addition to the added services, Garland was able to increase the competition to drive down the price. The member not only took advantage of cost savings, but was able to address additional square footage. During this assessment and evaluation, Garland inspected over 100 roof sections and built an online facilities database that will help the plant plan and manage projects over the next 5-10 years. This True Asset TCO database provides the member with project management, roof asset management and helps with long term planning for future projects. 

savings and value
Garland Results

To read the full case study, download the PDF from Garland/DBS, Inc. If you are interested in saving on your next roofing project, Garland offers a free building envelope inspection as part of the program through OMNIA Partners.


Our process starts with identifying your requirements, inspecting your roof and exterior waterproofing systems, and assessing their existing condition. By partnering with the member, we want to deliver on the promises we make.

– Matt McDermott, The Garland Company