Empowering Multifamily Housing with Cost-Saving Solutions Through OMNIA Partners

Sep 11, 2023   |   Amazon Business

Cardinal Group is a renowned multifamily real estate management, investment, construction, and marketing firm operating across the United States. With over 30,000 units in 200+ properties, Cardinal Group is dedicated to enhancing efficiency and achieving above-market performance in the multifamily housing industry. Seeking additional savings and improved insights into their purchasing process, Cardinal Group partnered with OMNIA Partners, a leader in procurement solutions, to address their challenges. 

The Challenge

Cardinal Group knew their properties were utilizing Amazon Business, but the group’s uncontrolled spending practices posed challenges. The need for visibility and streamlined procurement coupled with additional value through OMNIA Partners helped drive the decision to implement this program. Cardinal Group aimed to achieve centralized control, cost savings, and enhanced visibility into purchasing practices across their multifamily housing properties. 

A Solution to Fit All Needs

Amazon Business Multifamily Housing

After recognizing these challenges, Cardinal Group considered OMNIA Partners as the ideal partner for many reasons. The first being the strong relationship between Amazon Business and OMNIA Partners, and the second being the GPO's expertise in optimizing purchasing processes for multifamily housing owners and operators. With OMNIA Partners’ collective buying power and extensive contract portfolio, the potential was clear for substantial savings and the ability to transform unmanaged "rogue spend" into a structured National Account program. This unique approach resonated with Cardinal Group's objectives, and they were confident that OMNIA Partners could provide the necessary insights and cost savings. 

Following the implementation of the OMNIA Partners program, Cardinal Group quickly realized the extent of their communities' reliance on the supplier as a whole. Within the first month of the program rollout, Cardinal Group captured a remarkable 12x the expected monthly spend with Amazon Business. The program not only delivered immediate cost savings but also provided invaluable insights into the purchasing practices at each property. Cardinal Group gained a holistic view of their spending patterns, enabling more strategic decision-making and enhanced control over their purchasing processes. 

Looking to the Future

The Amazon Business program available through OMNIA Partners, featuring a 10% discount on select 2,000 Amazon private-label products, facilitated significant savings for their managed properties. Additionally, Cardinal has access to 50% off the annual Business Prime subscription for year 1 and 2 under the OMNIA Partners program that helps drive immediate savings. Moreover, the program empowered Cardinal Group to consolidate account access, centralize control, and gain comprehensive visibility into spending habits at each site. Armed with these insights, Cardinal Group can leverage their spend data to maximize value from other national partnerships. The success of the program positioned Cardinal Group for future collaboration and expansion of their procurement optimization initiatives. 

Will Conroy

The OMNIA Partners program with Amazon Business has provided a huge benefit for our managed properties. While the program comes with a 10% discount on select 2000+ Amazon private-label products, it also has helped us gain visibility into the spending habits of our on-site teams. Previously, each site-level account was set up independently, which meant that we couldn't centrally control access or have any meaningful visibility into spending patterns. By working with OMNIA Partners to establish a corporate program, we were able to better govern the spending and account access, leverage discounts, and use the spending insights to get more value from other national partnerships.

– Will Conroy | VP Strategy & Offerings | Cardinal Group Management Midwest LLC

About OMNIA Partners

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