Furniture Savings Triumph: A Nonprofit's Victory Through Cooperative Purchasing

Feb 19, 2024   |   AIS

Public Advocates in Community Re-Entry (PACE), founded in 1960, provides a variety of services to individuals and families impacted by the justice system to ensure they are afforded the opportunity to lead productive and responsible lives in their communities. They want to ensure that people returning to the community after being incarcerated have the proper tools and resources to have a smooth transition into their new normal.  

Rhiannon Edwards, Executive Director for PACE has been with the organization since 2005, serving in this position since 2009. She manages the day-to-day operations and served as the lead staff on this construction project.  

“It is an honor to work every day changing lives and impacting systems. I could not ask for a better job,” says Edwards. 

The Problem

Being a nonprofit, their budget is limited at times and they don't have a lot of funds allocated towards their office space. Beginning in 2017 they started working on their relocation project by exploring their location options and fundraising. 

“As a non-profit we do not normally have the budget to purchase new furniture and normally get donations or purchase furniture from other avenues.” 

This is by far the largest project in the company’s history costing just shy of 1 million dollars. Due to their limited budget they never dreamed they would be able to replace almost all of their furniture with brand new pieces.  

AIS PACE Nonprofit

The Solution

While working with a local dealer, LAMMCO, the team at PACE was introduced to AIS (Affordable Interior Systems, Inc.) and OMNIA Partners as a more strategic and cost-effective solution. Edwards was ecstatic to hear of this option because they could do so much more with their limited budget. 

“Specifically in our client training areas, this allowed us to be able to prepare for the future of our program,” says Rhiannon. 


Special thanks to AIS dealer, LAMMCO, for bringing awareness to OMNIA Partners Non-Profit contract as well as Amy Ables, Territory Manager at AIS in Indiana & Kentucky, in supporting the project from start to finish.

Without cooperative purchasing, this amazing nonprofit would not have had the opportunity to completely refurnish their new office. By leveraging a cooperative, Rhiannon and her organization were able to make history and continue serving the community while staying in budget. 

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