Garland Provides a Permanent Roofing Solution for Elsie Coffey Childcare Development Center

Mar 18, 2020   |   Garland

The Challenge

Snow, rain and precipitation are no strangers to Bangor, Maine, where the average annual snowfall is 66 inches. And for Bangor Housing Authority’s Elsie Coffey Childcare Development Center, a secure roof means safety from the wear, tear and moisture of a New England winter and protection for children both in the building and out on the adjacent playground. As maintaining a deteriorating roof and constantly replacing shingles proved costly and ineffective, Director of Construction and Asset Management Bob Rhodes and Project Coordinator Shane Vanidestine decided it was time to reach out to Garland representative Tim Ingraham for a more permanent solution.

Being a childcare center, special efforts had to be made to protect the safety and comfort of students, parents and faculty. In addition to the creative and meticulous efforts in implementing a stunning and effective roof design, there was even more emphasis on completing the project with minimal disruption to the daily routine of the center.

The Solution

To combat the leaking, shingle deterioration and unique roof design—which is comprised of various hips and valleys—Ingraham worked with Elite Roofing and Restoration to combine the forces of Garland’s R-Mer® Span and S-5! SnoFence™. R-Mer Span metal panels were retrofitted over the existing shingles to reduce waste and prevent any debris from falling onto the playground behind the daycare. This allowed the project to be completed with minimal disruption to the school’s hours or play time.

When Ingraham recommended installing R-Mer Span panels directly over the existing shingles, Rhodes and Vanidestine knew he had their best interests in mind. “The products chosen are a cost-saver for the future,” said Rhodes. “If everything had been replaced with shingles again, it would have been a much longer process with a lot more debris and we would have had to do it all again in 10 to 12 years.” R-Mer Span ensures a sleek and watertight design to protect against the most extreme weather events and when coupled with the existing shingles acting as a de facto underlayment, the roof is secured for ultimate protection. For complete protection, S-5! SnoFence was attached directly to the metal to retain snow and allow it to melt on its own without falling off in dangerous chunks, while R-Mer Span keeps moisture and precipitation from leaking into the building. Ingraham was able to streamline the procurement process with the OMNIA® Partners, Public Sector (legacy U.S. Communities) contract available through Garland/DBS, Inc. Rhodes spoke of this ease: “I think the biggest part was Garland’s work with OMNIA Partners and DBS, which took the hassle of procurement off of Shane and myself.”

The roof also features a unique design comprised of hips and valleys, which meant most panels required two cuts and thorough attention to detail during installation. To strengthen the seams and combat the weight of ice and snow, R-Mer Span’s I-Span clips were utilized above the valleys. These detailed installation steps, however, were a favorite among the customers. Rhodes spoke of the preparation preceding installation: “Architects dream of making a design such as this, and we were confident leaving this to Tim and Garland’s engineering staff, despite its difficulties. After this, all of our other projects will be a breeze.”

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Garland Project House
Garland Project House

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