Global Company Achieves 19% Savings; 100% Satisfaction Rate with Weichert's Workforce Mobility

Apr 29, 2024   |   Weichert

RFP vs. OMNIA Partners Assessment

Arkema achieved a 19% savings rate, and the company appreciated the responsive account management. Impressed with the 100% client satisfaction rate of the OMNIA Partners workforce mobility program, Arkema replaced its incumbent supplier.

MEMBER INDUSTRY: Global chemicals            

REVENUE: €7 Billion



When Arkema, a global chemicals company began to see service issues with its workforce mobility supplier, the procurement team saw an opportunity to move their business to OMNIA Partners’ leveraged program with Weichert Workforce Mobility. After the HR and procurement teams had an initial meeting with OMNIA Partners and Weichert, Arkema had a decision to make: move forward with the GPO’s assessment process or take the project out to bid with an RFP. Both teams liked the sound of the OMNIA Partners program. However, the company has a formal gated sourcing process, and the teams weren’t certain the assessment process would meet their requirements.



Conducted assessment with OMNIA Partners while also aligning with their formal sourcing process. Goal was to balance savings with superior service. The OMNIA Partners assessment presented a 30% savings, far surpassing the threshold needed to change suppliers. Retained 100% of clients and satisfaction rate of members using the OMNIA Partners program. Thanks to the time saved by avoiding an RFP, the program rolled out on time.



By the halfway point, Arkema saw a 19% savings rate, and that number grew to the projected 30% dollar for dollar savings rate over the incumbent as the moves were finalized. Weichert’s advisory group is helping the company seek further program efficiencies.


“The objective given to our project team by senior management was to identify a very competitive full service solution that would be responsive to our smaller volumes. OMNIA Partners’ leveraged program with Weichert Workforce Mobility allowed us to satisfy the project objectives, by providing excellent cost competitiveness and very focused and responsive account management through Weichert’s team dedicated to members of OMNIA Partners.”

-- KEN FINNEGAN Senior Manager, Strategic Procurement Arkema