KOMPAN Helps Students Stay Safe & Healthy With Outdoor Learning Spaces

Apr 22, 2021   |   KOMPAN

KOMPAN helps students in Saratoga Springs, NY Stay Safe and Healthy with Outdoor Learning Spaces

Now more than ever, there is a need for outdoor learning in an environment that provides space and flexibility. KOMPAN offers a range of solutions designed to support learning in the outdoors across early childhood through higher education as well as community programming.

KOMPAN was awarded a national cooperative contract by The City of Charlotte, NC, which is made available through OMNIA Partners, Public Sector.

Contract #2017001135- Playground and Outdoor Fitness Equipment, Site Accessories, Surfacing and Related Products and Services.


Outdoor classrooms can supplement indoor teaching which will allow you to create more space for students, create variation in your teaching forms, and even more so, give students the chance to experience the many benefits of learning while being outdoors.

Through OMNIA Partners, a school district in Saratoga Springs, New York created outdoor classrooms to help maximize the use of the beautiful natural environment while providing a safe, engaging educational environment for students and teachers.

KOMPAN outdoor learning spaces

The impact of this project on our school district is a direct benefit to our children. Creating outdoor learning environments upgraded safe play spaces for our children. It’s been awesome as an educational outcome but more also from a health perspective of getting kids outdoors and enjoying this beautiful new space.
- Dr Michael Patton, Superintendent


Shaping happier and healthier communities is KOMPAN’s mission. We do that by stimulating physical activity, learning and social interaction in the solutions we offer. For nearly 50 years, KOMPAN has been designing unique play solutions for its customers. It has always been KOMPAN’s wish that as children and adolescents evolve into adulthood they preserve the joy and health benefits of movement. With healthy and happy adults as role models, the children of the future will be more likely to follow their lead – creating an ongoing legacy of movement. KOMPAN’s solutions are developed for all people and communities to enjoy the benefits of play and movement. www.kompan.us