New Hampshire Town Simplifies Purchasing Process with OMNIA Partners’ NEW Ecommerce Platform, OPUS

May 2, 2024   |   OMNIA Partners

At a Glance

Town of Epping, NH
Population: ~7,100 

Individuals Involved with Purchasing:  
- Jake Roger: Town Administrator 
- Joyce Blanchard: Executive Secretary 

City Government 

- Limited resources 
- Cumbersome RFP process to purchase goods and services 
- Hours spent on research 

Benefits of OMNIA Partners OPUS 
- User-friendly 
- Eliminated RFP process 
- Saved hours of time on research per week 

The Town of Epping, located in the heart of New Hampshire, has long been known for its quaint charm and close-knit community by its 7,100 residents, including Town Administrator, Jake Rogers. Rogers has served his community since June of 2023, ensuring the proper administration of the day-to-day operation of the Town government. However, Rogers quickly discovered the purchasing process for Epping was slowing down his team.  

The Challenge: Limited Resources, Lengthy Research, and Cumbersome RFP Process

The Town of Epping, NH, faced a significant challenge in efficiently managing its procurement process due to the complex and heavily regulated nature of government purchasing. The small team is responsible for managing the purchasing budget, soliciting and evaluating bids, getting questions answered by suppliers, finalizing purchases and handling payment. So much responsibility and so few resources meant there simply wasn’t enough time to get the job done.   

"Securing three quotes for our purchases poses a significant challenge. The limited availability of distinct options often forces us to consider similar products, undermining the fairness of comparing quotes effectively."

The Solution: OMNIA Partners OPUS

Rogers and his team are saving hours on research and supplier negotiations for each purchase by using OPUS, OMNIA Partners’ new ecommerce platform. OPUS allows them to purchase everything from office supplies to safety equipment, quickly receive multiple quotes for the same product, and purchase through contracts that have already gone through a competitive solicitation process. Secondarily, it allowed them to adopt technology to help them complete procurement tasks digitally, which was important to Rogers. 

“It's definitely user-friendly and it's how the younger generation entering the workforce is used to shopping.” 

Interested in Learning More about OPUS?

OPUS is the only free ecommerce platform that provides public sector and non-profit agencies access to hundreds of competitively solicited, publicly awarded cooperative contracts across all major categories.  

Unlike traditional purchasing, OPUS allows you to research and buy from multiple suppliers with a single login and a single shopping cart, making it easier than ever to purchase the items you need.  

With no complicated setup, you can immediately access OPUS to simplify your purchasing process. 

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